200 Great Research Topics 2020 for any Subject

200 Great Research Topics 2020 for any Subject
Table of Contents
  1. 200 Great Research Topics 2020 for any Subject
  2. What is a research paper
  3. Research paper structure
  4. How to find a good topic for research
  5. 1. Identify the area of your interest
  6. 2. Brainstorm the ideas
  7. 3. Consider the audience
  8. 4. Check whether the topic fits the instructions
  9. 5. Make research on the available information on the topics
  10. 6. Formulate research questionS
  11. Types of research questions
  12. 7. Create a thesis statement
  13. What is the best topic for a research paper
  14. How to start writing a research paper
  15. Best research paper topics for 2020
  16. Easy research paper topics
  17. Good research paper topics
  18. Interesting research paper topics
  19. Persuasive and argumentative research paper topics
  20. History research paper topics
  21. High school
  22. Research paper topics for college students
  23. Sociological
  24. Controversial
  25. Business, economics, and politics
  26. Religion
  27. Education
  28. Environment
  29. Health and medical treatment
  30. Psychology
  31. Social issues and social media
  32. Criminal law and justice
  33. Ethics
  34. Women and gender studies
  35. Science and technology
  36. Cannot find the right topic for your research?

Now you are assigned a research paper. You might feel confused if it is the first time you have to write a research and feel at loss because you don’t know what to do first. Start with choosing research paper topics. Although it might seem the easiest step, take it seriously. Choosing what your research will be about

What is a research paper 

A research paper is a type of academic assignment that presupposes analysis and an in-depth investigation of the topic. It is larger than such papers as informative essay or reaction paper. A student should not only inform the reader or make a claim but analyse the existing knowledge, make conclusions, and provide recommendations on the topic.

Research paper structure

A research paper structure differs from a typical essay. It usually consists of the following components:

  1. Introduction and Problem Statement
  2. Methodology
  3. Literature review
  4. Discussion and Analysis
  5. Conclusion
  6.  Recommendations
  7. This is the most common research structure. However, you should always clarify the structure with your professor, as they may require to add other parts, such as an abstract  or an executive summary.

How to find a good topic for research 

If your professor has not assigned you a topic, you’ll have to do it by yourself. It is a great chance to choose something you are really interested in. However, remember that a topic should be not only interesting for you but also relevant to the class. If you have troubles choosing the right one, follow this simple algorithm we have created to ease this task for you. 

1. Identify the area of your interest

 The first step is to determine what field you are interested in. It is important to write on a topic that is interesting for you. If you like what you write about, you will be more motivated and will want to learn more details.

2. Brainstorm the ideas

 When you have chosen the field, it’s time to brainstorm. Write down all the ideas  that come to your mind. If you are out of ideas, you may search for some lists of topics on the Internet.

3. Consider the audience

 Not only your interest is important, but your audience either. Please take into account the course you are writing your research for. For instance, writing about cars might be an irrelevant topic for a biology or sociology class.

4. Check whether the topic fits the instructions

 When you finally have chosen several topics, you should check the instructions given to you. If you are not sure about the topic, you can always clarify this question with the professor. They will definitely specify all the details and maybe even offer you some interesting topics.

5. Make research on the available information on the topics

  Availability of information is another issue. Even if you have chosen the topic for your research paper that you really like and which fits the instructions, it might turn out to be too broad to be covered in you research. In such a case, you may either change the topic or discuss only some of its aspects. It also might happen that the topic is too narrow or there is not enough information. Then, you may also change the topic or discuss several aspects of the chosen one. 

6. Formulate research questionS

Formulating research questions is probably the most important part of research paper writing. Research paper questions are the inquiries the author is going to address in the paper. Thus, they should be specific, informative, and clear.

       Types of research questions

Research questions differ based on the type of research paper and its intent. There are three main types of research questions.

  1. Descriptive. This type of research questions is used when the purpose of the research paper is to describe something or explain how something works. It does not aim to determine the cause or relationships between the issue or compare some things. It aims just to describe something. For example, What is the percentage of Latin population in the US?
  2. Comparative, observational, or relational. This type of question aims to compare things or to establish the relationship between them. It is a rather common type of research questions. For example, Biden vs Trump (quite up-to-date question) or Which sort of nuts is healthier for our brain?
  3. Causal research question. It is used when the purpose of the research is to identify whether one variable causes the outcomes of another variable. For example, Is there a relation between computer games and aggression in teenagers? Does physical activity positively affect brain activity?

These are the most common types of research questions. However, some scientists also identify such type of research questions as predictive, exploratory, interpretive, evaluation, exploratory, explanatory, action, and evaluation questions.

7. Create a thesis statement

The first step is actual paper writing is formulating the main idea of your paper, which is called  a thesis statement. One cannot miss these parts, as without this sentence any paper will be incomplete. A thesis statement presents the main idea of the paper, serving as a road map to the whole paper. It should also express the author's position and view on the topic. A thesis statement is usually placed at the end of the introductory part. It should be clear, specific, concise, debatable, and present the author’s position. Please avoid using quotes, common knowledge or general facts as the thesis statement. As this sentence should be topics and paper specific.

 What is the best topic for a research paper 

Choosing a good and relevant topic can be a tough task, but before picking the right one you should understand what makes a good research paper topic. Please consider such factors. A good research paper topic is:

  • Interesting for you and your audience
  • Relevant
  • Is broad enough to be covered in a research 
  • There is enough information to conduct research on the topic
  • Corresponds to the instructions

How to start writing a research paper 

When you receive an assignment from your professor to write a research paper, the topic is often given by your teacher. But sometimes the professor leaves the choice of the topic to you. In such a case, picking the right topic is the first step in your paper writing. This process can be a tricky task, though. It is also an important stage, as the topic determines the direction of your work. When starting to write your essay follow the three essential steps:

  1. Choose the topic. Brainstorm and write down all the ideas that come to your mind. You may consider the interesting topics you have covered in class or check the lists of topics that are available online.
  2. Create a strong, specific, and debatable thesis statement. A thesis statement is the main and central idea of the whole essay. Thus, it is logical to formulate the main idea and then an outline
  3. Draft an outline for your research. An outline is a plan of your essay. Place all the main ideas in it.

 Best research paper topics for 2020 

We have created a comprehensive list of topics to help you choose the topic and start writing your research. They are divided into categories to help you choose the right topic for you.

a girl making a research

Easy research paper topics

  1. The outcomes of Global warming
  2. Recent coming outs of celebrities
  3. Does social media and social networks provoke aggression in teenagers?
  4. Can money buy happiness?
  5. Pets therapy as a way to reduce aggression in children
  6. Importance of emotional intelligence
  7. The most corrupt countries in the world
  8. Murals: vandalism or art?
  9. Rap culture as a style of life
  10. Alternative vs traditional medicine 

 Good research paper topics

  1. How divorce affects children
  2. Gender inequality at the workplace
  3. Most common social media stereotypes
  4. Can money buy happiness?
  5. Global lockdown 2020 as the main reason behind increased divorce rates
  6. The results of Trump presidency
  7. Most common mental disorders
  8. iOS vs Android
  9. Sexual appeal in marketing
  10. The most iconic commercials

 Interesting research paper topics

  1. The concept of self-made man in the US
  2. Andy Warhol’s pop art and comics
  3. How has the global lockdown 2020 affected the world
  4. What makes students cheap
  5. Why is plagiarism considered to be a crime?
  6. Concepts of beauty in different cultures
  7. The biggest ecological disasters of the XX-XXI centuries
  8. Instagram influencers under 18 becoming millionaires
  9. Hate culture on Instagram and TikTok
  10. How has COVID-19 changed the world?

Persuasive and argumentative research paper topics

  1. Should sportsmen receive college scholarships?
  2. Doctors and teachers should receive higher salaries than actors and football players
  3. Women and men should be given equal rights at the workplace
  4. Emotional intelligence is more important than iq
  5. A person needs 21 days to quit or get a new habit
  6. Hunting should be punished by law
  7. Education should be made free for all
  8. Milk is harmful for adults
  9. All the diseases are a result of psychosomatics
  10.  Social media and networks should be blocked in educational establishments

History research paper topics

  1. Causes, outcomes, and lessons learnt from 9/11 attack
  2. Turning points in the US history
  3. What were the causes and the outcomes of the Cold War for the both countries
  4. Hiroshima and Nagasaki: results and lessons learnt
  5. What were the causes that led to the outbreak of WWII
  6. US- Vietnam conflict
  7. How has Martin Luther changed the history
  8. Women movements in the US history
  9. History of nazism
  10. History of the rise of American literature

High school

  1. Does homework help improve the quality of education?
  2. Healthy ways to cope with depression
  3. Health impacts of drug abuse
  4. Causes and outcomes of child obesity in the US
  5. The most prestigious world awards
  6. The greatest ancient civilizations
  7. Do children study better in only-girls/boys schools?
  8. Is summer homework effective?
  9. Animal protection activities
  10. Causes of cruelty among teenagers

Research paper topics for college students

  1. Main problems of third word countries
  2. Negative effects of consumerism culture 
  3. Why TikTok has become so popular
  4. Substance abuse among college students
  6. The main reasons and results of Civil Rights Movements
  7. Should students be allowed to have jobs when in college?
  8. Economic powers of the world
  9. Does physical activity improve mental activity?
  10. The history of music genres in the US


  1. Single parent families
  2. Do men make better bosses?
  3. The most effective leadership style
  4. Workplace discrimination based on race and/or religion
  5. Main causes of teenage pregnancy
  6. Age based discrimination in employment
  7. Classical music as a way to avoid stress and depression
  8. Instagram as an unreliable source of information that distorts teenagers’ perception of reality
  9. Child upbringing in same-sex couples
  10. Sex education in schools as a way to prevent teenage pregnancy


  1. Gun control in the US
  2. Is COVID-19 manmade?
  3. Should capital punishment be legalized in all the states?
  4. Animal testing: pros and cons
  5. Eating meat is healthy or harmful
  6. The women’s right to abortion
  7. Euthanasia: pros and cons
  8. Are men and women given equal rights and opportunities at the workplace
  9. What is better for the business: boss or leader
  10. What is more important IQ or EQ?

Business, economics, and politics

  1. Trump vs Biden: the issues behind elections
  2. Should immigrants be given the right to vote?
  3. How has Coronavirus affected businesses?
  4. Cyber security as a new business
  5. The influence of the global lockdown 2020 on the global economy
  6. The most profitable green businesses
  7. The greatest business people of the XXI century
  8. Advantages and drawbacks of running a small business
  9. Business that benefited and suffered the most financial losses due to Coronavirus outbreak
  10.  The outcomes of the Trump presidency in the US economy


  1. Should there exist a universal religion?
  2. Biblical motives in modern books
  3. Three most widespread religions in the world
  4. Why is Buddhism gaining popularity these days? 
  5. Attitude to women in different religions
  6. Religion and sex
  7. Biblical motives in books and movies
  8. Stereotypes related to Islam
  9. What will be the consequences of freedom of religion?
  10. Religion and politics


  1. How COVID-19 has affected education
  2. Online education vs traditional schooling
  3. Does a degree guarantee getting a better job
  4. How technologies have made studying easier for students
  5. Bullying at school: causes and prevention
  6. Should students wear a uniform?
  7. US vs EU education
  8. Can tests really measure the student’s level of knowledge
  9. Corporal punishment in educational establishments
  10. Are homeschooling or online education as effective as traditional?


  1. The main contributors of global warming
  2. How recycling helps minimize pollution
  3. The effect of ocean pollution on marine life
  4. Change of weather patterns in the recent years
  5. Endangered species in 2020
  6. Green initiatives
  7. How does vegetarianism help protect the environment
  8. Eco- friendly clothes brands
  9. Hybrid vehicles as a way to reduce pollution
  10. Are there ways to control or slow down global warming?

 Health and medical treatment

  1. Is the use of 3D printing in medicine ethical?
  2. Health outcomes of COVID- 19
  3. Doctor-patient confidentiality
  4. Decrease of sugar intake as a way to healthy lifestyle and diabetes prophylactics
  5. Is vegetarianism really healthy?
  6. Outcomes of lack of healthy sleep
  7. Health complications caused by stress and depression
  8. Results of eating disorders in women caused by distorted body image in social media and social networks
  9. Vaccination: pros and cons
  10. Are there effective diets?


  1. Is visiting a psychologist is a must in a XXI century
  2. Most widespread mental disorders of our times
  3. Is Freud’s theory still relevant today?
  4. Oedipius’ complex in children
  5. Stockholm syndrome portrayed in the Beauty and the Beast
  6. Why are autism rates increasing these days?
  7. Do colors really affect our mood?
  8. Causes of insomnia and how to deal with it
  9. Does quality of sleep affect quality of life?
  10. Psychological causes behind obesity

Social issues and social media

  1. Black lives matter movement
  2. Is cancel culture toxic?
  3. Idealization of body image in social media
  4. How social media distorts our reality
  5. Positive and negative influence of social media on teenagers
  6. How does social media affect our lives
  7. The urge to post stories on Instagram - addiction, way of life, or source of income?
  8. Cyber bullying in social networks
  9. Social movements caused by Black Lives Matter: cry for equality or vandalism?
  10. The outcomes of the global lockdown 2020

Criminal law and justice

  1. The worst and best legal systems
  2. Black Lives Matter movement as an result of police officers brutality towards minorities
  3. Should abortion be considered a crime?
  4. Main causes of juvenile crimes
  5. Most common white collar crimes in the US and the main causes behind them
  6. Domestic violence: causes and punishment.
  7. How to treat crimes committed due to mental illnesses.
  8. Is there a correlation between increased crime rates and immigration?
  9. The outcomes of malpractice 
  10. Countries with the most severe human rights violation


  1. Is transplantation of organs ethical?
  2. Should doctor-assisted suicide be made legal
  3. Right for abortion: human right or a homicide
  4. Should corporate ethics be mandatory to follow?
  5. Should marijuana be legalized?
  6. Gun control legalization
  7. Is animal testing ethical?
  8. Toxic leadership style
  9. Should Instagram celebrities expose their private life online?
  10. Is cheating in exams ethical?

 Women and gender studies

  1. Women suffrage movements in the US
  2. Should sex education be made compulsory in schools?
  3. Female literature in the US
  4. Female genital mutilations
  5. Is glass ceiling real these days
  6. Why should women choose between family and career
  7. LGBT community tolerance
  8. Portrayal of gender roles in children books, films, and cartoons
  9. How gender roles have changed with time
  10. The greatest women of XX- XXI centuries

Science and technology

  1. Does autocorrection contribute to the reduction of literacy level?
  2. The most useful technological inventions of the XXI century
  3. Will AI replace manwork?
  4. Are self-driving cars the near future?
  5. Does breastfeeding really improve a child's immune system?
  6. Will alternative sources of energy totally replace fossil fuels one day?
  7. Dating apps - a new reality
  8. Does social media make people closer or farther?
  9. Elon Musk is a new guru of technologies?
  10. The use of online platforms by companies for the search of employees

Cannot find the right topic for your research?

Our comprehensive list of ideas for research paper topics can help you find the right topic or inspire you. When you have chosen the topic, formulated thesis statement and research questions, and you are on the right track to completing your research. However, if you don’t know how to do it right or are overloaded with other tasks, you can try using an online writing service. Our experienced writers are experts in different disciplines. They will help you choose a good topic for your research and write it according to your instructions. If you have already created a draft, they will proofread and edit it for you as well it makes the final touches to make your research flawless.