Gender Equality: Its Starting Point and Meaning

Gender Equality: Its Starting Point and Meaning
Table of Contents
  1. Gender Equality: Its Starting Point and Meaning
  2. Gender Equality Essay: How to Make It Sound Great
  3. How to Choose a Topic?
  4. Gender Equality Essay Sample

For many years men have considered women slaves who were to do housework and take care of the family. Such discrimination led to suffragettism and gender equality. That’s why today many students choose this topic for their essay and try to refle their personal attitudes to equal rights of both genders. At the beginning of the XIX century, women just dreamed to have at least some rights; gender equality essay has become a very popular topic in XX.

Men could do everything. They got an education, good workplace, respect in society, and were treated like gods at home. Females were to obey silently. There was even a book of home running for housewives in the Soviet Union in the 1960s. The author gave detailed instruction on how to look, behave, take care of children, and other matters. The main purpose of the book was to teach a woman to look after her husband and be a perfect housewife.

Gender equality is the equal right of both men and women to have access to opportunities and resources, including the right to participate in the economic sphere and make important decisions. It states that there are no male or female stereotypes or roles. Thanks to that, a woman can vote and some men even prefer maternity leave and look after their children while wives earn money.

Nowadays girls have the opportunity to study at public schools together with boys and choose a profession they like. A female can file for divorce and ask for help in case of domestic violence. Today there is even The European Institute for Gender Equality that touches upon six policy domains: time, job, incomes, health, knowledge, power.

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Gender Equality Essay: How to Make It Sound Great

Speaking of essays, there are many rules and instructions a student must follow. In a case a student doesn’t understand or has doubts concerning something, it’s better to ask a tutor to explain the issue to avoid mistakes.

Top 7 rules a student should keep in mind while writing a gender equality essay:

  1. Choosing a captivating topic. An essay requires a good topic due to which a student can show personal point of view. Gender inequality is a broad theme. A student should narrow it down and make it more specific; the title page of the paper must attract and impress the reader. It’s also important to identify the paper style (persuasive, descriptive, argumentative, narrative, expository writing, etc.) to succeed in writing.
  2. Creating an outline or brainstorming. An outline helps to structure the paper and pick up facts which can support the idea of the work. One more variant of essay improvement is brainstorming. Its aim is to accumulate key points and make the paper sound logically.
  3. Managing the thesis statement. Every student faces the problem of thesis statement creation because it’s important to reflect the key notions and ideas within 2 sentences maximum without detailed description. A student should place it in the first paragraph to let the audience decide whether to read it or not.
  4. Writing the essay body. The essay body reflects the outline or brainstorms ideas. A student should also know the required size and not exceed the number of pages and words.
  5. Proceeding to the introduction. It’s better to write the introduction after the body. When the paper is almost finished a student knows how to start to catch the reader’s attention.
  6. Improving the conclusion. The conclusion is the result of the essay research. It doesn’t only sum up but also highlights the main issue of the essay.
  7. Checking & editing. Before a student gives the paper to the tutor, it’s necessary to check & edit the paper if necessary.

How to Choose a Topic?

Topic choice is more than essential. Students all over the world ask for professional help in topic selection. Here are some of the best topics:

  • Life Before and After Suffragettism
  • Gender Equality in Various Life Areas: Is It Really Followed?
  • Social Discrimination and Gender Inequality: Common & Distinctive Features
  • Gender Equality in the East: Is There Any?
  • Changing the Reality: Gender Stereotypes & Roles Created by a Human
  • The Impact of Gender Equality on Upbringing of Children
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Gender Equality Essay Sample

Gender equality is considered to be the topic that provokes lots of arguments & contra versions. Some people state that there is no sex equality & the others say that men & women have equal rights & duties. Who’s right?

Many years ago a woman could not study at school or enter the University, get a good well-paid job, and even vote. Suffragettes have changed the situation. They wanted to be free, change their life the way they but not their husbands or relatives wanted. People treat women differently in various corners of the globe because of the cultural, ethical, and religious impact.

According to the statistic of the World Economic Forum, there are at least 20 countries which follow gender equality laws. Health, attainments in studies, political participation, & women’s economic participation impact the rating.

Despite the fact that Elizabeth II is Queen of the United Kingdom, the country got only the 15th place in the list. The winner is Iceland but researchers say that there is still a small gender gap. There is another list which includes ten worst countries for sex equality. Yemen takes the 1st place in it. There are no women in the parliament & the illiteracy among girls is much higher than among boys. Just imagine that Saudi Arabia was the single country in the world which didn’t allow women to drive a car in 2017!

Fortunately, the law has been changed this year. It’s really hard to believe that there is such discrimination in the XXI century, in the epoch of flying cars, artificial intelligence. It takes too much time to close gender gaps. As an example, take our gender roles in society essay.

Women are not to stay aside from the world development. Their contribution is high. Their potential is limitless. Ladies are good politicians, doctors, scientists, creative workers, unique personalities, unbelievable mothers. The gender means nothing. Males & females must be equal & rule the world together.