TOP 9 Best Online Jobs for College Students That Pay Off

TOP 9 Best Online Jobs for College Students That Pay Off

You may be mistaken if you think that it’s too early to start working while you’re still in college. Many of your fellow classmates have already looked through the lists of top best online jobs for college students and found a way to offset a part of their college costs.

We recommend you don’t trail far behind! There are many online jobs to apply for, and the best part is – you can balance the tasks with your school.

Online jobs for college students usually demand no academic degree, so start getting paid without years of experience.

Being a student, you have a couple of options. You may learn different skills and start a long-term cooperation. Or search websites and find many solutions how to earn small but quick money in a short time.

Many companies hire college students for freelance jobs. Some of them are closely related to your school classes. Others you can tackle as a standalone business that is unrelated to your main college discipline but give you the experience you will benefit from in future jobs. We have prepared a list of best online jobs for college students. Our advice is free so choose wisely!

Easy to start online jobs for college students

You cannot make good money if you don’t invest something in the process. The initial resources mandatory for jobs may vary. Often it is your time, creative power, ideas, or seed funding. Our list contains paid online jobs that may require a start-up capital to get prepared for the duties. Read more about easy online jobs for college students. Don’t visit stuffy offices – make money online!

Online blogger job

Online blogging jobs are the worthy example of ways to make extra money that need little investment. Choose a reliable hosting from a number of available options. Some tariffs start from $3, but this will be more than enough to create a website in a niche of your choosing.

Think of a topic you are passionate about. If you know much about particular thing, it is possible to become a leader blogger and provide valuable content to your readers in your Lifestyle Blog. The decent number of visitors of your blog opens a window to monetize traffic:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Advertising
  • Affiliate marketing through internet

Promote your blog will not take much of your time. Add relevant content whenever you have spare time. A complete and thorough survey may help you understand what your visitors are interested in. You will earn money 24/7 when visitors interact with the blog content and ads.


  • Income depends on the ways of monetization and number of unique visitors
  • You need to make the published articles relevant and interesting
  • No special skills are required to start blogging
  • Include surveys to get more information about your audience
  • Start with creating a website and adding your first blog post
  • It will take you 30 minutes a day to keep your blog alive
We advise our users to find out how to setup vertical monitor in one of our blogs. It will be very useful for such kind of work.

Editor/Writer/Translator (Freelance position)

All freelance jobs attract students since they offer a chance to work from any place. Benefit from flexible working schedule and constant tasks availability. Write about any topic you want. There are many blogs and sites that will gladly pay you to supply them with fresh and interesting articles.

You can also work as a freelancer translator from home and most translators today do work remotely. You can be in charge of your own working hours, while respecting deadlines. Income also varies from site to site. Do not be afraid to set your own rates! It is easy to earn good money writing about your hobbies or a thing you feel passionate about.

Another option is to find proofreading gigs. Help other people polish their compositions and essays. All you need to do is to google the best paying writing jobs and guest posting openings. These jobs may come in handy for students since it is easy to balance them with college classes.



  • Work any time anywhere and set your own rates
  • Write about anything you like
  • Get paid for an article (40+ US dollars per article)
  • Editing jobs will pay you per edited page; income depends on your productivity
  • Custom working schedule and no special skills needed to start
  • No initial investment necessary

Fiverr (etc.) freelancing

Freelance networks offer multiple mini-gigs with different types of tasks a student can tackle. Payment per gig starts from $5. If you don’t feel like doing requested online jobs, just create your own gig telling people what you are able to do. You may feel like this is your thing and make freelancing a full-time job. Think of what you can sell using your skills and take on only those online jobs that are worth your time. Often you would need to communicate with potential partners in order to get the fair payment. Of course you are free to choose as some gigs can bring you up to $50, they may also require additional skills however it is always better to prepare for the negotiation.


  • Up to $50 per gig (which is a lot)
  • Either create your own gigs or take on requested tasks
  • These paid online jobs may require additional skills and have a potential of becoming a decent-paying full-time job.
  • Work any time you want, but make sure you meet the deadline.

Online recruiter

Social skills may come in handy if you decide to try out virtual recruiting jobs. Bring together organizations and potential employees using your skills. It is a great advantage if you have connections with a company in the industry to post an opening and find a suitable candidate. When someone answers to the position, conduct the first interview and negotiate wage or salary between the employer and employee.

Such jobs usually pay 25 dollars per hour. As an alternative set your own commission rates. It takes almost no time to browse LinkedIn or Upwork websites and get started right now. Interview coaching can increase your chances of getting this job.


  • 55,000 yearly as a full-time job, $25 per hour
  • Easily balanced with daily classes
  • No special skills required
  • Professional connections would be an advantage
  • Work when you have time

Transcribing jobs

Transcriptionist position is one of the most undemanding jobs open to students. Anyone with little to no experience can manage the tasks. Flexible schedule makes it even more striking. An average of 20 dollars for a short transcription that requires no special education and knowledge is a good way to cut into your college debt.

Register an account on freelance sites using your email and sign in to create a gig. This is where you start earning extra cash. There are also online pages that aggregate transcribing requests, so find one and take your first task.


  • Flexible workloads and easy to balance schedule
  • Type what you hear (audio files are included in the task description)
  • Average $20 dollars per one transcription no questions asked
  • Students with special knowledge (medical or legal disciplines and fields) may expect higher average check

SE (Search Engine) Evaluation Specialist

However intelligent and smart search engines are, machine learning still cannot replace human analysis and assessment in the search engine result page. New Bing, Yahoo, Google algorithms try their best. But human evaluation still plays an essential role in the process. After the ranking algorithms have done their job, search engines need real people to estimate the relevance rate of the pages in the search result.

Students can easily apply for the mentioned position. Your task is to comment on helpfulness, precision, and quality, and you will get paid up to 20 dollars per hour.


  • Interesting job that allows you to learn new information
  • Help people find valuable information, eliminate irrelevant results
  • Up to $20 per hour and perfectly flexible working hours
  • No special skills are required to start

Top online jobs for college students who have skills

You may think what you want, but experience matters. A student with no skill to sell can hardly expect to get a high-paying job, neither in-house nor part-time position. Good online jobs for college students are not easy to find. You have to offer something of value, so address the list of popular opportunities for skilled students.

App Designer

It is easier than it sounds. Mastering Apps may take you a week or so, and you can start making money using this new skill of yours. Who needs app design services? Public speakers, businesses, startups are at the top of the long list of those who need someone to make their apps stand out. They are usually busy arranging their big events. That is the reason why they tend to outsource these jobs on freelance networks.

If you have creative vision and know the basics of digital design, you are welcome to try yourself at this job. How much does it cost to design an app? Run your own shop or social media page where you offer your services and showcase your recent portfolio.

Take note of interior design job. Thanks to technological innovations and other key design software, interior designers, like many other professionals in our global economy, can work virtually.


  • Easy to find positions on freelance networks that pay approx. $15 per slide
  • No initial investment needed
  • Data entry skills may come in handy
  • You have to understand the basics of design, computer literacy, and have creative vision
  • Be ready to revise according to the customer’s feedback and comments

Family tree expert

Genealogy is a good way to monetize your hobby. If you know what you are doing or your school grades on this subject are high, why not put your skills to good use? Start with setting up your website store. Alternatively, create a couple of gigs on freelance sites and offer your services. Charging from 50 dollars per simple request, you can make good extra money monthly. Large trees jobs may pay you up to 1000 dollars.


  • List your services or create a site to find clients
  • Tackle the projects when you are not busy with college assignments
  • Genealogist position pays from $50 per simple task
  • This work may require initial knowledge of the subject and preliminary research
  • Try to get a couple of orders a month

Online Tutoring

Eastern wisdom says people should share their knowledge. Everything you are good at in college is your asset. Helping people understand what you already know is a good thing to do, and it gets even better if you make extra cash doing it. Easily make up to 25 US dollars per hour explaining things you’ve mastered. Don’t turn a blind eye on any of your advantages. Rest assured, many people need an expert tutor.

There are many home schooling programs, freelance sites, and services you can start with. You don’t need to concentrate on academic subjects. Instead give your other skills a shot: arts, music, etc. When you feel like you are an expert in the field and have enough experience to start tutoring business of your own, consider creating an online course and distribute such products through your site or educational platforms. Effectively gather clients from around the world. It’s a good idea to place links to attract many new members in a few days.


  • Working hours need to accord with your client’s free time
  • Up to $25 per hour depending on the discipline and subject
  • No extra skills are required: teach a person something you know
  • Great start to develop your own business in future and leave college with a budget on your bank account

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As a student, you almost certainly find it difficult to balance your college with working hours. Online jobs for college students part-time are the answer you seek. Freelancing and selling your skills can bring you decent money, so do not be afraid to ask your friends to assist you. Many of them have a part-time job that allows them to feel comfortable in college, so Get serious about finding well-paid jobs and start gaining experience.