Great Topics for your Outstanding Narrative Essay

Great Topics for your Outstanding Narrative Essay

Narrative essays are the best when you need to tell a story about unforgettable life experience and describe your personal attitude to some things, events, places, people. They are easy to write as there aren’t strict rules or restrictions. When one day novice writer has to choose narrative essay topics by himself, it results in some difficulties. The person can accept one of the proposed themes at school or where else; it is crucial to be into the things you are going to tell about.

Only good topics make good narratives. You need to spend enough time choosing the perfect one; it could be almost everything but based on true life experience. If this is a problem, you can get professional help from essay writing service in writing an excellent narrative essay. We will provide you with a list of cool working narrative essay topics.

Narrative essay topics for everyone

As it is said, even simple everyday incidents may create a thrilling story to write about. What if time goes off and you still have no ideas how to start the work? Here comes a list of great narrative essay topics with some examples:

  1. Something for the first time in your life. Everybody had this kind of shocking new experience. You have to pull it out from memory storage. Think of your childhood, school and college years, first love, job, car, toy, etc.
  2. My hero. Tell about the important person you appreciate. It may be a member of the family, friends & someone famous (singer, actor, politician, hero from a book, artist). Or why not to dedicate an essay to your teacher, hairdresser or seller in a local shop? Here are some tips you should use while describing a person.
  3. Hobbies. If you have the passion for something, you can craft a nice essay about it - love, rock music, sports, scary movies, knitting, drawing? Say how you have come to it; if you are experienced, provide your readers with exciting and memorable details. This topic is a chance to reveal yourself.
  4. Problem-solving. Had some difficult times - turn your practice into words; state the problem and your way of coping with it. Emphasize the crucial ‘helpers’ and the decisions you had to make.
  5. Memorable journey. This case is for everyone who has once been in a new place. Remember your first or coolest trip to another country - what did you see, feel, taste, buy, try; who was with you? What was new, challenging, incredible? Tell a story about local life there and the unique atmosphere of the place.
  6. Once-in-a-lifetime experience. Create a story where you share the most powerful moment or event in your life. Tell how it has changed you in one day. It must be something amazing - talking to a favorite actor, lonely night in wild forest, parachute jump, saving someone’s life and so on.
  7. What if. Students get tasks from their teacher. Why not make one personal for you? Think about what you would like to change in the world or your daily routine and then let your imagination run wild. A few examples to consider for your writing: what if I could travel in time (where would you go); if I got 1 000 000 $ (what would you do with this money); if I was a girl/boy (how would you live in a different body); if I could travel anywhere now (where would you go and why).
  8. Funny real story. Writers love sharing comic episodes you can laugh at. A funny story helps to win over readers - there must be at least one that is told by your family and friends. Feel free to tell it.
  9. Internet. You & millions of people use it every day. Create a piece of writing about its role in your life - what and how often do you share in social networks? How does the internet help you in learning? What do your parents think about it? Emphasize the differences between your online and offline life.
  10. Things around you. If there are not any ideas left (look up at the list of narrative essay topics first!), just look around or ask a friend. We know that everybody can face a writer’s block. You need effective ways to come up with ideas for your essay.

Tips for writing a good narrative essay

The most important is to choose the appealing theme. As far as we have listed narrative essay topics, it is time to give some practical advice:

  • Keep a structure in mind. This kind of essay has not got strict rules of writing; readers must not be lost in your words. State the theme in the introduction, continue with emotional detailed narratives and finish with conclusions, your feelings, and thoughts. Look through basic standards and rules.
  • Provide lots of details. The reader must follow your story clearly. Remember that you have seen and felt something in real and the only way to let others do the same is to use the right words. It would be easier if you appeal to primary senses - taste, smell, hearing.
  • Write your emotions on the paper. A good writer uses words that are attractive, catching, strong, active, exciting.
  • The success of your narrative goes hand in hand with writer’s style. Develop your own. For example, you can often use some funny lively dialogues in your work.

What is bad for narrative essay

You will not create good work if:

  • You haven’t chosen an interesting and appealing subject. If you are not interested, nobody will be.
  • The text is unreadable: no basic writing structure. It would be hard to follow.
  • You don’t use personal experience. It is noticeable.
  • Characters and plot are not memorable. You don’t use attractive words and lots of details.
  • There are not conclusions and personal attitude to the situation. The topic was not fully disclosed.

If you are not confident in your writing abilities or can’t choose the topic, it is better to give your assignment to experts. Choose the best place to buy essays online and place your order.