The Best Study Apps

The Best Study Apps
Table of Contents
  1. The Best Study Apps
  2. Best Free: My Study Life
  3. Best Organizational Study App: iStudiez Pro
  4. Best Brainstorming Study App: XMind
  5. Best Notetaking Study App: Dragon Anywhere
  6. Best Flashcard Study App: Chegg Prep
  7. Best Overall Study App: Evernote
  8. Best Scanner Study App: Scanner Pro
  9. Best Exam Tracking Study App: Exam Countdown Lite

If you're a university student, then it's likely that studying is an integral part of your daily life. While essential, it doesn't become boring, mainly thanks to the new and exciting apps available for download on your laptop or phone. Study studying apps can be a lifesaver for busy college students. It doesn't matter if you're at an institution of higher learning that is traditional, getting your degree online, or going through a program to improve your profession; apps will aid you in staying at the top of your game. 

Best Free: My Study Life

My Study Life is a free application for iPhone, Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone, and the internet. Using My Study Life, you can access your My Study Life app, save information about your assignments, exams, and classes in the cloud, and access your data using any device. You can also access your information on the go, making it handy if you lose Wi-Fi. Additionally, you can create goals and reminders and then transfer the data between different platforms. Other valuable features include seeing the date your work is due or due for all classes and whether you are facing scheduling conflicts between courses or examinations. You'll be notified of not completed assignments, upcoming exams, and the schedule of classes. The best part about My Study Life is that it's free, which could make a difference for students on a tight budget.

Best Organizational Study App: iStudiez Pro

IStudiez Pro is a study tool available on iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android devices. This college student application that has won awards comes with a host of features that aid students in organizing their lives, such as an overview screen, assignments management as well as a planner, sync across different platforms, grade tracker notifications, and the integration of Google Calendar. Cloud sync is free and available across all your devices, which includes Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android devices, and Windows PC. This application lets you determine your grades and GPA. The iStudiez application costs nothing to download.

Best Brainstorming Study App: XMind

Sometimes, the best way to complete an assignment is by brainstorming and mapping ideas and methods to interpret information. The XMind study application is a mind-mapping program that will help you research and manage thoughts. If you're looking for ideas flowing, this application is the one you require. There's a free version and other versions that aren't free. With this app, you can use organizational costs and logic charges, the matrix chart and various templates for planning your weekly projects, and many more. If you're also using the Evernote app, you can import the mind maps you make directly to your Evernote application.

Best Notetaking Study App: Dragon Anywhere

Get a complimentary USB headset when you buy Dragon Home and Dragon Professional Individual. Dragon Anywhere is a dictation program that allows you to dictate notes during your studies by talking through your mobile device. Once your subscription is in place, it is possible to log into the app for free and dictate directly to your device from any location. This application is far more precise than Siri and dictation. Dragon Anywhere is a much more accurate app. Dragon Anywhere app turns itself off when you're not talking for 20 minutes. So long as you don't stop talking, the app will continue to dictate indefinitely as long as you are talking. The dictionary is user-defined, which allows you to add the frequently spoken word. Another excellent feature is voice commands, such as "scratch that," which can erase your last written test, and "go to the end of the field," which moves your cursor to the beginning of the document. You can also share the text you write with other programs.

Best Flashcard Study App: Chegg Prep

If you're a student who loves learning through flashcards, get the free Chegg Prep flashcard app for study. It allows users to make flashcards for any subject they're interested in, including Spanish, SAT preparation, and more. You can personalize your cards, and after you've learned the card, you'll remove the card from your collection. You can also include images. For their customer success, the platform uses a vast selection of flashcards available to download that students have already developed. It is available on the Chegg Prep flashcard application and released on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Best Overall Study App: Evernote

Evernote is one of the most popular organization apps. The app's versatility will help you complete your college requirements. Evernote can keep all of your notes and schedules in one place. The special features include boosting note-taking using checklists, attachments, links, and audio recordings.

What's included in the basic subscription? You'll receive 60MB of monthly uploads, sync between two devices, search for text in images, cut websites, make notes, create the passcode lock, enjoy assistance from the community, and access your notebooks offline via your computer. Premium accounts offer the possibility of forwarding emails to Evernote, annotating PDF files, presenting notes with a single click, and digitizing business cards.

Best Scanner Study App: Scanner Pro

As the name implies, ScannerPro lets users turn their iPhones or iPad into portable scanners. The functions offered are beneficial when researching or reading books that require use across several locations. You can scan pages from books in the library without needing to borrow many books. After you've checked the study material, you can upload them onto the cloud. There are options to build workflows to manage all phases of any process within the application. ScannerPro recognizes the text in images, which means that all your images can be searched. This is a simple and efficient method to go paperless.

Best Exam Tracking Study App: Exam Countdown Lite

Exam Countdown Exam Countdown is a no-cost app that will ensure you don't forget your exam date. The countdown function will tell you how many minutes you're left to take your test. There are more than 400 icons available, and users can add notes and schedule notifications. Exam Countdown Lite is available for iOS and Android devices.

All these mentioned above apps are helpful for students who study and work from home jobs. Try them and make your studying life easier.