311 Remarkable Persuasive Speech Topics to Convince Everyone

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311 Remarkable Persuasive Speech Topics to Convince Everyone
Table of Contents
  1. 311 Remarkable Persuasive Speech Topics to Convince Everyone
  2. How to Choose Good Persuasive Speech Topic
  3. What makes a good persuasive speech topics
  4. Good Persuasive Speech Topics
  5. Easy Persuasive Speech Topics
  6. Persuasive Speech Topics for College
  7. Funny persuasive speech topics
  8. Informative Persuasive Speech Topics
  9. Persuasive Speech Topics on Animals
  10. Persuasive Speech Topics on Art and Culture
  11. Persuasive Speech Topics on Automotives
  12. Persuasive Speech Topics on Business
  13. Persuasive Speech Topics on History
  14. Persuasive Speech Topics on Politics and Government
  15. Persuasive Speech Topics on Education
  16. Persuasive Speech Topics on Global Issues
  17. Persuasive Speech Topics on Family
  18. Persuasive Speech Topics on Health and Medicine
  19. Persuasive Speech Topics on Media, TV, and Advertising
  20. Persuasive Speech Topics on Music and Fashion
  21. Persuasive Speech Topics on Religion
  22. Persuasive Speech Topics on Science and Technology
  23. Persuasive Speech Topics on Sports
  24. Persuasive Speech Topics on Society
  25. What is a persuasive speech
  26. What are the three types of persuasive speech
  27. Tips Crafting Good Persuasive Speech
  28. Conclusion
  29. Need Help?

Want to improve your class with astounding persuasive speech? Then you need to pick perfect persuasive speech topics and prepare for a rocking performance. This article includes information on writing a good speech to convince your audience. 

But most of the text is a list of 311 topics for persuasive speech so you can easily proceed to choose the needed one. Enjoy! Also, remember that you can always buy essay from our academic professionals.

How to Choose Good Persuasive Speech Topic

To choose an outstanding persuasive speech topic, there is no need to do in-depth research, as in the case with research paper topics. A successful speech depends on the chosen topic, so remember to pick the one among:

  1. Topics you are interested in
  2. Topics that would spark the interest of the audience
  3. Provocative topics
  4. Topics that are relevant to the audience
  5. Personal topics
  6. Interesting topics

What makes a good persuasive speech topics

To produce more persuasive speech topic ideas, college students should remember that the best persuasive speech topics should be:

  1. thought-provoking
  2. daring
  3. relevant
  4. interesting
  5. fresh
  6. clearly expresses writer’s point of view

Good Persuasive Speech Topics

We have created a list of the most interesting and relevant speech topics and divided them into categories to help you choose the topic that fits you the most.

Easy Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. The core characteristics that will make you a hero.
  2. A laptop is one step ahead of a tablet.
  3. Violence in video games is dangerous.
  4. Journal writing occurs to be therapeutic.
  5. The use of school uniforms matters.
  6. Security cameras make people safer.
  7. Small class is better than a big one.
  8. Texting while driving is enormously dangerous.
  9. Dogs are better than cats.
  10. Fast food containers are harmful to the environment.
  11. Animal hunting should be banned.
  12. Night school benefits compared to day school.
  13.  Lenient immigration laws are better.
  14. Homeschooling is better compared to traditional schooling.

Persuasive Speech Topics for College

  1. How can lyrics impact human lives?
  2. How can religion and science go hand in hand?
  3. What is the difference in the efficiency of open-book tests and closed-book tests?
  4. Should endangered animals be protected?
  5. How to make recycling a required option in the USA?
  6. State colleges and private colleges comparison.
  7. How to become a millionaire?
  8. How technical training stands out of a college degree?
  9. Students should have the opportunity to choose a school.
  10. Is there any reason to go away with cars but go back to horses for transportation?
  11. Smoking should be illegal, especially in public.
  12. Should the ​death penalty be outlawed?
  13. Abraham Lincoln got too much credit.
  14. The drinking age in America should be 25.
  15. Should the replacement of fossil fuels with alternative energy options be mandated?

Best persuasive speech topics

  1. Recycling should be kept up.
  2.  Drivers should not text while driving.
  3. Towns should provide bike-sharing programs for free.
  4. Celebrities should not omit stiffer penalties.
  5. Teachers should renew their certification annually.
  6. People should not eat junk food.
  7. People should stop poverty and world hunger.
  8. Elders should be valued in our society.
  9. Money cannot buy happiness.
  10. Incentives for doing right are better than punishment for doing wrong.
  11. How have educational costs changed through time passing?

Need more ideas? Look through the list of debate topics and find something interesting. 

Funny persuasive speech topics

  1. Carpe diem!
  2. Become a donor — which organ would you choose?
  3. Should I start planning for the future?
  4. Be vegetarian — make a healthier lifestyle.
  5. College students and uniforms.
  6. Violence in video games.
  7. College tuition should involve parking, coffee, and homework.
  8. Marijuana should be sold in the US coffee shops.
  9. Losing weight is a perfect way to start a new life.
  10. As gas prices rose up, wages should too!
  11. Giving to charity remains to be good.

Informative Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. The reality of total peace on Earth.
  2. How good should the first impression be?
  3. Electric cars should be cheaper and more affordable.
  4.  Middle class in America, does it exist?
  5. Blood donation is of vital importance.
  6. Luck and success relation.
  7. Is veganism classist?
  8. The complications of a surrogate mothercare use?
  9. Should single parents be allowed to adopt their children?
  10.  Marriage — an outdated institution in the modern society.
  11. Foster care system — pros and cons.

Make time and browse our informative speech topics to get more inspiration.

Persuasive Speech Topics on Animals

  1. Animal Research
  2. Animals Used in Research
  3. Animal Research Personnel.
  4. Animal rights
  5. Protection movement.
  6. Animal sheltering problems.
  7. Animal-assisted activities.
  8. Animals in literature
  9. Animals in poetry
  10. Animals in folklore.
  11. Benefits of animals to humans.

Persuasive Speech Topics on Art and Culture

  1. Should health insurance cover art and music therapy?
  2. Should all college students learn an instrument?
  3. Should the country offer free national museums to citizens?
  4. Is graffiti similar to art?
  5. Should classic literature involve an offencive language?
  6. What are the benefits of paper books compared to the e-books?
  7. RT programs in public schools take an essential part of school education.
  8. Art relieves stress and reduces depression.
  9. What is “Philosophy of art”?
  10. What are the primeval musician instruments?
  11. How is the Apocalypse depicted by different painters? 
  12. The benefits of reading Harry Potter.

Persuasive Speech Topics on Automotives

  1. Newest car models
  2. Hot models among crime spots
  3. Budget-friendly cars
  4. Practical cars
  5. Energy-efficient cars
  6. Car maintenance tips
  7. Best family-safe cars
  8. Car manufacturers
  9. Cars for college students
  10. Best car auctions
  11. Gear and accessories

Persuasive Speech Topics on Business

  1. Managing People.
  2. Technology.
  3. Strategy.
  4. Innovation.
  5. Entrepreneurship
  6. Leadership.
  7. Communication.
  8. Managing Yourself.
  9. Corporate responsibility
  10. Ethics & accountability
  11. Social entrepreneurship
  12. Economics and financial issues
  13. Productivity performance in National Bank
  14. How does financial issues affect the American economy?
  15. The most reliable predictors of financial and economic crises?
  16. Is there any relationship between the financial system and economics?
  17. Global financial crisis in 2020
  18. Economics is harder than finance
  19. Finance vs economics
  20. What will happen in the next economic collapse?
  21. Is there a recession coming?
  22. What is the prime indicator of upcoming recession?
  23. Does Trump do something valid for the US economy?

Persuasive Speech Topics on History

  1. The curse of Macbeth.
  2. Ancient Egyptians were smarter than modern people
  3. Civil war.
  4. Great depression. (Consult: Great Depression essay.)
  5. Holocaust.
  6. Cold war.
  7. Natural disasters & environment.
  8. Inventions & science.
  9. Mexican-American war.
  10. Red scare

Persuasive Speech Topics on Politics and Government

  1. Should trans people be banned from the military?
  2. Does America need more freedoms?
  3. Should abortion be legal?
  4. Male birth control.
  5. Gun control.
  6. Religious freedom.
  7. Free market capitalism.
  8. Own political culture.
  9. Defense.
  10. International Security.
  11. Emergency Management.
  12. Ethical issues
  13. Honesty and integrity. 
  14. Carefulness.
  15. Objectivity.
  16. Confidentiality. 
  17. Openness.
  18. Respect for intellectual property. 
  19. Responsible publication. 
  20. Legality.
  21. Should students have plastic surgery?
  22. Should a student tell if he/she saw a friend cheating on an exam?
  23. Should a student tell if he/she saw a popular child bullying? (Take as an example our bullying essay.)
  24. Environment and nature protection
  25. Should parents have the opportunity to choose the gender of their unborn children?
  26. Should people own exotic animals?
  27. Should animal selfies with animal species be allowed?
  28. Should pit bulls be a part of a family?
  29. What is the most efficient type of renewable energy?
  30. Should plastic bags be banned?
  31. Should puppy mills be banned?
  32. Should fracking be legal?
  33. Should animal testing be illegal?
  34. Should offshore drilling be allowed in protected marine areas?
  35. Is Pluto a planet?
  36. Should the US rejoin the Paris Agreement?

Persuasive Speech Topics on Education

  1. Career counseling.
  2. Ability grouping.
  3. Bilingual education.
  4. Adaptive physical education.
  5. Bussing
  6. Blended learning.
  7. Charter schools.
  8. Boarding schools.
  9. Retention policies.
  10. School choice
  11. STEAM vs STEM

Persuasive Speech Topics on Global Issues

  1. Overconsumption.
  2. Habitat destruction.
  3. Overpopulation.
  4. Biodiversity loss.
  5. Acid rain.
  6. Desertification
  7. Deforestation.
  8. Global warming. (Look at our global warming essay.)
  9. Climate change.
  10. COVID-19 pandemic
  11. Our urban world
  12. Law and legal issues
  13. Elections & campaign finance.
  14. Aeronautics and space.
  15. Banking and finance.
  16. Armed forces.
  17. Communications.
  18. Crime and law enforcement.
  19. Constitutional issues.
  20. Education

Persuasive Speech Topics on Family

  1. Children's rights.
  2. Plea Bargaining
  3. Cross-cultural issues
  4. Family and social relationships.
  5. Emotions.
  6. Child development.
  7. Language acquisition.
  8. Personality.
  9. Social behavior.
  10. Who should learn cross-cultural psychology?
  11. Key elements of emotions
  12. The subjective experience
  13. The physiological response
  14. The behavioral response

Persuasive Speech Topics on Health and Medicine

  1. Should genetically modified foods take place in grocery stores?
  2. Should vaccinations be a required option to attend public school?
  3. Should human cloning be leagal?
  4. Cancers.
  5. Infections.
  6. Diabetes mellitus.
  7. Birth defects.
  8. Mental health and behavior.
  9. Injuries and wounds.
  10. Poisoning, toxicology, and environmental health.
  11. Metabolic problems.

Persuasive Speech Topics on Media, TV, and Advertising

  1. Credit cards harm college students.
  2. How does advertising impact the media?
  3. Should there be a compelling content in advertising?
  4. Advertising issues.
  5. How do commercials affect us?
  6. Ethical issues in advertising
  7. When ads are not ethical?
  8. TV commercials effects on American culture.
  9. Advertising impact on the culture.
  10. Social issues in advertising.
  11. Moral concerns about advertising.

Persuasive Speech Topics on Music and Fashion

  1. How does music impact fashion?
  2. Fashion is bad for American society.
  3. Dress and subculture identification.
  4. The military impact on fashion.
  5. Body image and high fashion models.
  6. Fashion in the Elizabethan era.
  7. Fashion and music: Trends in the 1980's.
  8. Fashion and music: Trends in the 2000's.
  9. Fashion and music: Trends in the 2020's.
  10. Understanding cycles of fashion. 
  11. Dress in modern democracy.
  12. The role of garments in ancient society.
  13. Tudor and Stuart fashion.
  14. Marketing high fashion.
  15. Social agendas and fashion
  16. Psychology, personal issues, and relationships
  17. Human cloning is immoral.
  18. Fame is harmful for health.
  19. Our prisons need reformation.
  20. Doctor-assisted suicide can’t be legal.
  21. Relationship Boundaries. 
  22. Spending Habits. 
  23. Relationship Needs. 
  24. Fighting Style.
  25. Relationship Fears. Pexels. 
  26. Children. 
  27. Each Other's Family.
  28. Violent video games should be banned.

Persuasive Speech Topics on Religion

  1. Modernism and religion.
  2. Black churches.
  3. Democracy and Islam
  4. Christianity and economics.
  5. Freedom of religion
  6. Church and social action.
  7. Church sex abuse scandal.
  8. Creationism.
  9. Homosexuality and religion.
  10. Intelligent design and religion.
  11. Political Islam

Persuasive Speech Topics on Science and Technology

  1. Should American government increase the budget of NASA?
  2. Social media and human communication.
  3. Artificial intelligence development will help humanity.
  4. Alternative energy sources should be invested by governments.
  5. Individuals should have their own DNA.
  6. The world should invest money in technology to explore other planets.
  7. Communication technology
  8. Unmanned aerial vehicles.
  9. Emerging technologies.
  10. HealthCare technology.
  11. Technology, science, and innovation policy.

Persuasive Speech Topics on Sports

  1. Defense wins championships.
  2. Who is the best QB of all time?
  3. MJ or LeBron?
  4. The Best Team Ever.
  5. Pitching vs hitting.
  6. Tackle football in college.
  7. Boxing should be illegal.
  8. Should college athletes be paid for being a member of a sports team?
  9. Should all athletes pass regular drug tests?
  10. Should there be an equality between professional female athletes and male athletes in the same sport?
  11. Winning is not a prime goal as trying your best.

Persuasive Speech Topics on Society 

  1. Overpopulation. 
  2. Immigration stresses
  3. Civil rights
  4. Racial discrimination
  5. Gender inequality
  6. Health care availability
  7. Bullying.
  8. Corporate culture.
  9. Aged staff and the workforce
  10. Apprenticeship
  11. Professional growth
  12. Career planning
  13. Child labor
  14. Commuting
  15. Domestic servants
  16. Drugs at work
  17. Workplace violence

What is a persuasive speech

Today, students get tons of interesting and not very assignments to write different types of academic essays. Sometimes, they have to prepare a specific type of convincing speech named a persuasive speech. This speech aims to persuade the audience to accept the speaker’s particular point of view.

What are the three types of persuasive speech

Most of the professors ask their students to prepare persuasive speeches with the intention of persuading and keeping the audience interested. In other words, listeners should take the speaker's point of view. There are three commonly used types of persuasive speech:

  1. Policy persuasive speech
  2. Factual persuasive speech
  3. Value persuasive speech

 Tips Crafting Good Persuasive Speech 

Once you have got the task to write a persuasive speech, you should keep in mind some useful tips for choosing a brilliant topic for your persuasive speech. Here are some of them:

  1. Keep your prime goal in mind
  2. Believe in something you are trying to persuade your audience
  3. Pay attention to the nature of your audience  
  4. Know your audience 
  5. Put emphasis on the audience
  6. Build credibility in a speech introduction
  7. Make sure to add a strong thesis statement
  8. Use a lot of examples
  9. Be emotional
  10. Practice a lot!

And don’t forget to choose the topic that is interesting for you, not overdone, relevant, and exciting. Make time and read our blog about writing inspiration. It is crucial for such a task.


Picking up the right persuasive speech topic matters a lot because you need to provide as much evidence and arguments as you have to succeed in convincing the audience. To get your audience interested in your speech, you should give them a strong reason to listen. 

Brainstorm new topic ideas on the basis of our great top-300 list of the most efficient and engaging persuasive speech topics.

Need Help? 

Do not waste your time wondering, just have a look at the perfect list of persuasive speech topics and grab an idea for your original topic. To make it easier and quicker, busy students ask for academic assistance, and our experts help them in handling their persuasive speech preparation!