Features, Secrets and Solutions of a Solid Global Warming Essay

Features, Secrets and Solutions of a Solid Global Warming Essay
Table of Contents
  1. Features, Secrets and Solutions of a Solid Global Warming Essay
  2. What Essay Type to Choose?
  3. What Side of The Global Warming Should Be Revealed Within a Paper?
  4. Things to Pay Attention At

Global warming threatens our health, our economy, our natural resources, and our children's future. It is clear we must act.  

Eliot Spitzer

Among various global problems and natural threats humanity has been facing throughout its extinction, the global warming is one of the most familiar. Despite a lot of discussions on different levels (local farming, global industry, mass media, etc.), this natural disaster is still relevant. Your don, tutors and professors anywhere try to make sure every student is aware of it. It means you will hardly avoid writing a global warming essay being a school, college, or university student. It is not a big deal, if you have this article by your hand. In five minutes, you’ll know everything concerning the essays touching global warming and common problems.

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What Essay Type to Choose?

Some words about essay varieties. Each of them reflects a particular side of this warming problem. When it goes about the global warming happening, an author picks from a wide diversity of essay papers. If you do not have it predefined in your assignment, compare and choose what you need:

  • Definition essay. It will be the best for identification of a global warming concept. You can disclose the term on the whole or take one of its parts or consequences. Also, a greenhouse effect caused by excessive carbon dioxide seems interesting.
  • Descriptive writing will be in use if you want to concentrate on the details of this global warming threat. Describe how global warming lays influence on Earth exactly .
  • Compare and contrast paper about global warming is an interesting choice if you want to highlight differences between safety global warming programs of various states of the world. Compare legal documents, volunteer performance, and overall green activity to get an interesting paper. Otherwise you can compare the investment strategies and new products, is the climate change gold rush just a fleeting fancy?
  • Argumentative paper is the one where you have to call your mates to action. In it you will show the main effects of the global warming that will cast an impact on everybody’s lives.
  • “How to” global warming text is an ideal variant of describing your own solutions concerning this global problem. It has a simple structure and does not require sophisticated language.

Many other essay types can be applied to the global warming. Think the main goal of your composition over and pick the one that fits it perfectly. A proper choice made this time will leave a strong rhetorical impression.  What are other criteria of a good global warming essay? The most important are a right choice of a topic and a subject.

What Side of The Global Warming Should Be Revealed Within a Paper?

Whether you should write a long or short essay, you will not be able to put all global aspects and features of the global warming into one document. The problem is quite global, so you have to choose a side. Here are some main ideas about global warming for your creativity:

  • Precise description of the global warming after-effects is a never-dying strategy. People always change natural planet environment, and sometimes life does not leave it without attention. A global combination of deforestation, industrialization increase, usage of burning fuels, lots of gas cars, and sea pollution lead to the following consequences and changes: atmosphere loses its protection abilities due to ozone layer holes, temperature is rising, changing the global climate, hundreds of animals and plants species die without natural habitats, polar ice and glaciers are melting, causing desalination, etc. Do not forget to explain how global warming signs affect our health. Extreme sun radiation causes skin cancer, and continuous smokes destroy lungs. High temperatures are dangerous for people with heart diseases.
  • Concentrate on the means and activities humanity uses to destroy the nature. Today a human has reached an unprecedented scientific progress. However, it cost us a lot. Just 30 years ago an average amount of pollutant gases (carbon dioxide, methane, etc.) emitted to the air was about 10 time smaller that we face today. The main issue with air pollution is the fact that the scientists have not found a universal alternative fuel for electricity and heat factories. Economic problems are more important for humans this day, unfortunately. The next big problem is wiping forests out from a planet surface. A decreased oxygen level in air contents is an immediate effect of the process. Plus, the latest research activities show that forests help to bond the soils. As a result, we get less room for growing food, less water due to sea warming and a reason to abandon the planet.
  • At last, you can write about responsibility. (Consult: essay on responsibility.) Think if we are able to stop damaging our nature to preserve our future and prevent the catastrophe. Describe the alternative sources of free energy (solar plants, power of oceans, wind, hurricanes, river water, etc.). Mention science, and how it can contribute into the warming issues solving and reduce the dependence of economy on natural resources. Is there any way to set up a worldwide or national industrial legal limitation concerning global warming? Mention how a modern agricultural technology affects environmental safety, especially in poor areas. Fossil plants show that we may reduce the content of harmful gasses in the atmosphere. Look into history: were there any good methods to stop the industrial progress and reasons to save the planet? Show that being responsible is not difficult for anybody, and each person can make own step towards brighter global future.

Things to Pay Attention At

In a global warming essay, it is important to follow the scientific language style and structure. Plus, scientific essays require clear evidence. For instance, if you claim that ices melt and oceans get warmer, or emissions change weather, bring some examples, graphs and stats to make your position stronger. Another great idea is supplying your paper with experiment or presentation.

In general, a subject of global warming requires consideration. Do not expect you will get everything solved at once. Try writing by yourself several times to find out your strong and weak writing skills, if you have a possibility. If not, do not fall into despair. Ask our experts to help you. They will write an excellent paper about global warming. You do not have to be bothered since you know how to write it perfectly.