45 Proposal Essay Topics for Your Inspiration

45 Proposal Essay Topics for Your Inspiration

If you take an MBA course or belong to the caste of higher education students, writing proposal essay topics will be definitely one of your home assignments. A proposal essay is a kind of argumentative essay, in which the author outlines the problem and gives an indisputable solution based on fundamental research. Many students hate this type of paper with passion. The flip side of the coin is the possibility to choose a good topic. Making up your mind on correct proposal essay topics is a way not to lose. The most catching ones are listed below.

Topics in time management

This is the top subject for proposal essays because it opens a wide field for research and is available on the Internet, in periodicals and smart books from the library. Time management is relevant for ordinary students, career starters who still have been studying and married persons challenging to study when having a family.

  1. Self-management: How to make time work for you?
  2. Is it possible to stay efficient when reconciling family responsibilities with studying?
  3. What are some good time management skills for a student?
  4. How to find work-life balance, if you are a part-time student with a spouse and children?
  5. Are there any progressive ways to combine postgraduate education and making a career?
  6. Should time management studies be a part of the curriculum? How to implement the main principles of self-efficiency in a student's life?
  7. Tips for planning a week: How to keep your energy and creativity on the top level?
  8. What time management skills help keep afloat in the sea of college-home routine and feel happy instead of tired?
  9. Does it work to complete the most important and demanding tasks the first thing in the morning?
  10. Giving facts arguing that doing many tasks at once does not influence maintaining quality standards. What about Julius Caesar then? 

Psychology in parenting 

Proposal essay topics about using psychology in parenting have got all the rights to be called catching ideas. They are interesting and relevant for students from the point of view of their childhood experience and perspective to influence the behavior of own children.

  1. What psychological techniques can help parents refuse to apply physical punishment to kids?
  2. Why does the tantrum often become the child’s functional behavior? How to give enough attention to your children in spite of a busy timetable?
  3. How to build up trusting relationships with a child? Tips for parents from childhood psychologists.
  4. Is a kindergarten a good place for bringing up a happy personality? Are there any alternatives?
  5. A toddler as a mirror of the family. What is wrong if parents cannot control their child’s behavior?
  6. What to do if a teenager does not tell parents the truth? How to keep a young person from taking drugs and smoking?
  7. The crisis of three years: peculiarities of the age.
  8. A teen thing: tips for parents.
  9. How do parenting styles shape the traits of character?
  10. Love is the only thing really important to a child.
  11. Working methods when bringing up a child.
  12. What to do if a kid does not stick to family rules?
  13. How to change the traditional stereotypes about parenting?

Couple relations topics for proposal essays 

Usually, no one is left indifferent when the secret of happy, healthy relations between a woman and a man is under discussion. Choosing proposal argumentative essay topics about relationship development in a couple will surely help a student to successfully cope with an academic assignment.

  1. What are the five stages of relationships that every couple goes through?
  2. The love passion ends after three years. Is it true?
  3. How does the past influence relations with the opposite sex in the present?
  4. Why do people usually get divorced? Is it all about fate, or can we establish a pattern?
  5. What is a healthy relationship between a husband and a wife?
  6. Tips to build up happy relations within a couple.
  7. Is it worth to work out your own personality with a psychologist before starting dating or getting married?
  8. Is it true that the honeymoon phase in a relationship cannot last forever, or are there any ways to save hot feelings for the whole life?
  9. Main man mistakes in a relationship.
  10. Popular female mistakes that destroy the couple.
  11. How to make the best match for lasting happy relations?
  12. Traits of a dream man/woman. Why does an ideal person turn out into just a fake?

Lifelong learning as a theme for proposal essays

Students may find lifelong learning a rather good theme to look for proposal essay topics. This is one more subject, which is easy to discuss.

  1. The trend to progress in learning during life.
  2. What are the most beneficial lifelong learning skills?
  3. How does the lifelong learning trend impact society?
  4. Is it reasonable to continue learning during life?
  5. What are the drawbacks of lifelong learning? Does it really go for every age?
  6. What are simple ways to engage in lifelong learning?
  7. Reaching self-actualization through exploring things and teaching others.
  8. Why make living and learning a priority?
  9. How to join a study group if you would like to explore something?
  10. Is there an opportunity to keep updated independently on age? 

Final life hack to write great proposal essay topics

Going back to basics, it is important to get a clear understanding of what exactly a proposal essay deals with. A good life hack is to imagine that you are selling a product to a customer. Your task is to tell a story arousing a long-term interest and give the evidence turning the pure interest into a burning desire to purchase. This practice can serve you a tracking device to success in proposal essay writing.