Complete Guide on How to Write an Interview Paper

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Complete Guide on How to Write an Interview Paper
Table of Contents
  1. Complete Guide on How to Write an Interview Paper
  2. Interview Paper: What’s the Point?
  3. How to write an interview paper
  4. How to start an interview paper
  5. What to include in the main body
  6. How to conclude an interview paper
  7. Interview paper vs. Research paper
  8. How to analyze interviews
  9. 4 Widespread Interview Paper Samples
  10. Narrative Essay Interview
  11. Leadership Essay
  12. Career Interview Paper
  13. Personal Interview

According to Inc.Com, 4 out of 6 applicants who submit their resumes are invited to the interview stage; just one candidate is selected. An interview paper is an original way to attract the attention of the teacher/admission board/recruiter/public depending on your comunication skills. The website adds such factors as salary & compensation, career growth opportunities, work-life balance, location, and company culture & values are the top things to discuss in the writing of this type. Do you need more interview paper examples to succeed?

Our article covers the most popular types of essay writing for an interview. If you don’t know which questions to ask and how to write an interview essay,  buy papers online from a professional writer.

Interview Paper: What’s the Point?

To know how to write an interview paper with valuable conclusions, it is important to choose the paper’s topic. Sometimes, your instructor does not provide you with it. A theme of interview essay does not look like other topics - the oponent is a human being you are going to interview and the mood of essay can change from paragraph to paragraph. Once you're prepared, conduct research to find a person who will help you to dig deeper via dialog. It should be a professional in the chosen field if you must explore a scientific subject. If you need to prepare an essay writing for interview in the shape of narrative form, it does not matter who you are going to ask. We recommend contacting somebody with a rich background. Watch out! The lack of interesting tidbits to offer may result in rejection from the target person. Your family member will agree to answer your questions anyway; an expert may consider it waste of precious time.

Before you start writing, mind several factors to consider.

  • Idea of interview
  • Questionnaire 
  • Interview essay format (narrative, career, question-answer, etc.)
  • A place & date

How to write an interview paper 

If you have got the assignment to write an interview essay, the first thing you need to do is to study a step-by-step writing guide. It is also necessary to understand the entire concept of effective interviewing but not just a process of essay creation. Among the main steps in writing a quality interview paper are:

  • Create a list of questions
  • Plan your time beforehand
  • Do your best to appoint a personal meeting with the person  you would like to interview
  • Record the entire meeting
  • Analyze your notes and records
  • Move to essay writing.

How to start an interview paper

An ordinary interview paper should start with the preparation of the interview itself. Then, the writer can start working on the introductory paragraph in his/her interview essay. To understand the process of starting the interview paper, there are core structural components of the introduction paragraph listed below:

  • Purpose of the paper
  • Subject research 
  • Questions preparation
  • Contacting the interviewee
  • Preparing for the interview 
  • Conducting the interview
  • Formatting the paper
  • Creating a paper outline
  • Writing paper introduction
        - Description
        - Background  information
        - Thesis  
        - Research question
  • Proofreading.

What to include in the main body 

Body paragraphs of the interview paper should provide details on the core interview points. Also, the main body should be devoted to facts, details, and insights making the particular interviewee the authority on your subject. Similar to the basic academic essay, the body part of the interview paper should be related to the key ideas mentioned in the thesis statement. Here is a checklist of the most important main body components:

  • Opening sentence with the argument supporting the thesis
  • Facts supporting the arguments
  • Facts' analysis
  • A closing sentence that sums up the key findings

How to conclude an interview paper 

To conclude an interview paper effectively and in the proper format, students should keep in mind several points that should be involved in the conclusion part and things to avoid. Basically, a quality conclusion involves:

  • Your response
  • A paragraph or two explainings of the points' validity
  • Reasons for data validity
  • Final thoughts (If gathered viewpoints from the interviews do not match with the author's opinion, he should mention that in conclusion).

Interview paper vs. Research paper 

While students use to think that the term interview is similar to the term research in its meaning, these terms are different despite having much in common. Both essay types aim to investigate, discuss, and analyze the particular problem. At the same time, the core difference in such assignments is in sources used for the aforementioned investigation. While students use credible sources like books and journal articles for studying the particular question in the research paper, they are interviewing people in case they need to write an interview paper. In the research papers, writers mostly analyze different scientific data, compared to the analysis of the gathered answers or a personal story of the interviewed person. 

 How to analyze interviews 

After getting the written responses, writers need to create a summary of the core points that will help them start working on their essays. No matter the type of the interview, getting a successful response, the writer is ready to analyze the gathered data step-by-step: 

  1. Study the gathered data.
  2. Assign preliminary data codes to outline and describe the content.
  3. Outline the particular patterns and themes across the different interview records.
  4. Review the gathered themes.
  5. Name themes and analyze them in a concise manner.
  6. Produce the interview report.

4 Widespread Interview Paper Samples

Narrative Essay Interview

Interview essay format is the primary thing you should think about when getting prepared with the questions to ask. There are two ways to write your paper. You may either describe everything you have learned from interviewee using a narrative style or leave the essay in question-answer format. The teacher specifies things like that in the initial instructions.

In both situations, a writer needs to come up with the powerful, catchy introduction (it is possible to achieve this effect through inserting a strong hook sentence), a well-structured body (3-5 paragraphs), and an impressive conclusion - not more than one page, which makes the reader want to go on discussing the topic. A narrative interview essay example is about rewriting the question-answer paper to obtain a descriptive essay. The style of paper is also very important, it can be APA or MLA format essay. And don't forget to include quotes and add personal feelings.

Leadership Essay

Are you planning to write about leadership? The best way to make a good paper is to find a successful person like Steve Jobs and ask several great questions. Be prepared that such people do not have much time. Stick to the outline and take copious notes during the conversation (face-to-face meeting is the best way to consult experts; you can use Skype/Viber call, phone dialogue, or online chat). An online chat for an interview usually is the worst option because you cannot be sure that your interviewee is responding to you – it can be someone else.

Organize the received information into a logical one page outline. In our interview essay sample, you could write the following:

  1. Definition of leadership
  2. Social leadership vs. Business leadership
  3. Tests created to identify the level of personal leadership

Career Interview Paper

94% of sales professionals report that the base salary is the most valuable element of their compensation plan.

Isn’t it intriguing? Once you hear an interesting fact or statistics shared by the person you talk to, write it down. Do not forget to format quotes from other famous people in your interview essay!

A career paper is another interview essay example, which aims to reveal the essence of job application process. It takes time to gain valuable life experience. Choose the person wisely. Make a list of nontrivial questions starting from hiring on job, then his/her goals, achievements, motivation, and other things that your readers would like to learn.

Personal Interview

It is the best interview essay example: only face-to-face conversation allows receiving the most detailed answer to every question from the list. If the person has certain time limits, arrange the questions according to their priority. The best way to write a personal interview is to leave it in question-answer format (delete unnecessary information and duplicate words).

 Choose three main points covered during the interview. It will be the body of your essay writing for interview. The outline must be based on these three main ideas. To ease the writing process, develop a timeline, reflecting the greatest facts & events that follow your interviewee as he/she grows up. 

  • Infant Period
  • Childhood
  • Adolescent
  • College/University Period
  • Marriage & Family
  • Golden Age

Do not write your introduction with the early childhood, however. Write several reasons for choosing this particular individual for your essay writing for interview (explain why he/she is interesting to discuss as well as his/her contribution to the topic of your writing). Look through any autobiography essay and get some inspiration.

Now you know how to write an interview paper of several types. Be ready to face serious challenges if your paper is describing a famous or busy businessman. Do you need extra help to solve this problem? Let us make a suggestion: order custom academic articles from the trusted online writing service, and you will obtain the top-quality paper of any subject!