Formatting and Citation

While working on a homework assignment, a student may face a need to format his or her work. On the whole, formatting essays is not required only in several cases. If you work on the college essay, research paper, term paper, or dissertation, it is critical to cite and reference the sources you use. Put down the name of the sources with the relevant, up-to-date information on a separate piece of paper and discover how to cite every book, magazine, newspaper, journal, article, video, or another type of source with the help of our guides. This section will contain numerous writing style guides: from MLA to APA. Our articles will save plenty of time for each student allowing him or her to avoid reading the huge manuals from cover to cover. Instead of buying large books explaining how to cite or reference specific sources, the students can come to our blog and find out everything they need to complete a research paper or another work in MLA, APA, or another writing style. Every format has its rules of the game, and the organization that established it may add new guidelines from time to time. We watch them.

If you need to format your academic paper based on Oxford style instructions, find out more about them. Stick to relevant rules when formatting your used sources and the ideas or facts that you take from other authors. Take this step to avoid plagiarism and earn higher grades.

How to Follow all the Important Oxford Style Formatting Instructions

Posted at 06.18.2018 by

Students who dream about studying in the best and most famous universities must be prepared to study and use the detailed Oxford style guide to succeed. However, the Oxford style guide isn’t easy to master. The main reason is that it is different from the rest of available formats and its founder ...

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Students who study literature, English Composition, history, and humanities should learn how to cite in MLA style offered by the Modern Language Association. The article offers the ways to cite various types of sources and corresponding examples to let the reader understand the process of referencing.

How to Cite in MLA: Everything a Student Should Know about the Most Popular Essay Format

Posted at 03.30.2018 by

The primary question, which comes to mind of a highs school student who faces the need to include the words of other authors in his or her essay, is how to cite in MLA. Without this knowledge, you risk failing the assignment. This article from professional writers explains how to cite in MLA format ...

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Learn how to create bibliography page and insert in-text citations in your research paper or essay with the help of APA writing style.

How to Format Academic Paper in APA Style?

Posted at 03.15.2017 by

Teachers assign essays and research papers to check student’s knowledge of the subject and academic standards such as writing styles. There are several most popular paper formats such as MLA, APA, Turabian, Harvard, and IEEE. American Psychological Association has established the second one es...

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