Why should I use a plagiarism checker?

All students worldwide know that it isn’t allowed to copy the thoughts and opinions of other authors. It’s against law. But the lack of time and writing skills often makes do this. As a result, the student gets a low grade or the teacher returns the paper with plagiarism for improvement. If you want to avoid such an unpleasant situation, you need to use the best free plagiarism checker. It’ll show whether the paper contains the lines where you’ve copied the ideas instead of paraphrasing them.

Sometimes, you may include plagiarized ideas unintentionally. How can this happen? You may have read a journal or a book and found the ideas you agree with. After some time, you may forget that the ideas weren’t your own and use them in the form they were used in the publications of other authors. One more situation is when a student doesn’t want to spend much time on brainstorming original ideas and writes banal phrases, which may be present in many Internet articles. It doesn’t matter whether you wanted to copy the text and tell the tutor it’s your own or it happened unintentionally, the result is the same. The paper won’t be evaluated positively if the plagiarism checker will show a low percentage of uniqueness.

How it works?

Even if you have never used a plagiarism checker before, you’ll be able to use it easily. The program has a simple principle of action. You copy and paste the text into a special field and the plagiarism checker looks for all the references where the same or similar ideas are. Plagiarism detector works even for JAVA programming. Don’t forget to write the title of the paper for the plagiarism checker to search for the texts on similar topics. It will process the document for free quickly and effectively and will provide a result using a smart grading system. This plagiarism checker tool has a lot of advantages.

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Who needs a plagiarism-free paper? Me!

Want to present a paper that is full of original ideas? It’s easy if you use an effective plagiarism checker able to identify what content has been copied and where the line has been taken from. A plagiarism checker will help to prevent a failure of the paper at the presentation. Have a free minute? Use it to check the percentage of content uniqueness to be sure that the text doesn’t require improvements.

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How to check your essay for plagiarism with JustBuy Essay Free Plagiarism Checker?

There are several simple steps you should make to find out the result. Check what they are:

  • Choose the file to check and either download it or copy the text to a special space;
  • Press the button “Check my essay”;
  • Give the plagiarism checker free several minutes to examine the content;
  • Get the result of uniqueness in the percentage;
  • Check the sources of information where the plagiarized thoughts have been taken from.

This innovative SEO tool provides a unicheck report, which contains all the links where you can find similar ideas. Looking at the canvas with the highlighted copied ideas, you can improve the paragraphs. It won’t bypass any copied line no matter whether it’s from some song or a scientific article. It’s able to find even images with the copied text.

I detected plagiarism in my paper. What should I do?

Have you found the paper sample on a similar topic and used several lines from the published books? Be prepared that the tutor will use a popular plagiarism checker Turnitin, which will definitely detect the ideas plagiarized. You’d better not take risks and check the paper on your own before you submit it. We offer to use a simple but very effective alternative to Turnitin, which has already been used by a thousand of school and college students.

Have you used a plagiarism checker and you weren’t satisfied with the result it showed? Writing original texts is a kind of art to master which you need to practice daily. If you lack the time, no reason to start panicking! We are here to improve the situation! The best way to is to entrust this task to professional writers. Our specialists will generate interesting ideas for your text and make sure they’re completely free from plagiarism. The work of experts will sound great being full of brilliant ideas. We deliver plagiarism-free papers after careful parsing and research. So, you have nothing to worry about. Just let us know you need to rewrite the paper so that it is free from plagiarism and is totally original. Find out how to do ask us to crack the essay spending just one minute.

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