Writing an Essay in a Funny Way - the Key Tips for Students

Writing an Essay in a Funny Way - the Key Tips for Students
Table of Contents
  1. Writing an Essay in a Funny Way - the Key Tips for Students
  2. A Few Hacks for Students to Enjoy Essay Writing
  3. Determine Your Attitude to The Task - It Should Always Be Positive
  4. Make a Topic Fun
  5. Just Imagine That It Is an Ordinary Game
  6. Add Some Jokes to Your Essay
  7. Watch a Funny Movie Before You Start Working on a Paper
  8. Summary

Not all students adore writing an essay, but why? If handled properly, you can turn the process of writing into a fascinating amusement. However, the majority of academicians treat the word ‘essay’ as something boring and too complicated, but why? Unfortunately, there’s no need to search for the reason why people hate essay writing; each of us has an absolutely different opinion regarding this topic. Indeed it happens because of the incorrect approach to the task.

Too strict requirements for the task, too tight deadlines, too demanding tutors - the combination of all these factors can definitely kill the love for writing. In this review, our experts provide you with the key steps that help you make the process of writing an essay easier and funnier. Have a look at the key rituals that might help you enjoy the process of writing essays.

A Few Hacks for Students to Enjoy Essay Writing

Unfortunately, not all academicians understand what particular subjects they study at a college and why actually they do that. This is probably the main reason why the majority of students hate this task. It happens because tutors make them do papers on topics they dont love. However, even in this case, it is possible to find a way out. Have a look at our hacks that might turn a boring essay writing process into your favorite activity. Still doubt? Just have a look!

Determine Your Attitude to The Task - It Should Always Be Positive

Keep in mind, your attitude to a problem is a key formula to success. For instance, if youre going to visit a doctor and think that he or she will tell something terrible about your state of health, there’s a good chance that it will happen.

You should start writing with a good attitude to the assignment; it is just a foremost task on marketing, linguistics, literature or accounting numbers. Therefore, you should consider it as a foremost step which makes you closer to your degree. Even if the task seems to be too complicated, don’t think that you want to cope with it. It is just a task, which you should do!

Check these pieces of advice on how to set the right mood while writing:

  • Don’t overestimate the importance of writing an essay.
  • Subdivide your task into a few stages.
  • Never feel pessimistic.
  • After you do it, reward yourself with some treats.

As a result, you’ll easily cover the topic, even when it is too boring. If it is a critical essay, have a look at these tips; they might help you understand how to build the right working strategy!

Make a Topic Fun

Again, too much depends on your attitude and your approach to the task. In sober fact, a good writer can easily interpret any topic in a funny way. Instead of writing about too boring topics, you should try to have a look at the topic from the other perspective. Don’t write about annoying and dull instructions; try to give more samples to a topic. All these samples should be well-familiar to the audience and you should deliver them in a funny way.

Just Imagine That It Is an Ordinary Game

And you should be a winner of this game, right? Do you like being the first? So, just do it! It is understandable that writing a 1000-word essay can be difficult, but the right instructions can help you overcome the difficulty!

Every game has a certain goal which must be achieved by all players, right? In this case, you need to do a creative paper on the chosen topic. So, you know the goal, it is time to make something to achieve it. If you can’t make yourself to start writing, you should challenge yourself. This rule usually works.

To achieve the goal faster, you can subdivide the task into a few stages:

  1. Define the topic
  2. Create a plan for writing
  3. Think of a thesis statement
  4. Embark on writing a paper
  5. Create a winning conclusion.

Besides, you shouldn’t neglect an editing stage. You might keep in mind that writing an essay is a creative process. Therefore, you can miss some commas or make typical mistakes while writing. When proofreading your paper, you’ll notice them and be sure that they won’t spoil your grade.

Add Some Jokes to Your Essay

Though not all students have a chance to implement this rule, but if the theme allows you to do this, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. The best thing you can do to grab the readers’ attention is to start writing with a joke or a funny story which is relevant to your topic. In doing so, you’ll definitely draw the attention of readers to your paper and read a number of funny anecdotes that might set the right mood for writing. As a result, it will be much easier to immerse yourself in writing.

Watch a Funny Movie Before You Start Working on a Paper

There’s one rule you should always consider. If you don’t want to write at the moment, don’t make yourself to do that. Nothing good will come out of it. We recommend watching a comedy and only then you can start working on your task. It might help you relax and finally find some power to start doing the task you don’t like. However, this tip is useful only if the deadline allows you to do this. If there are a few hours only, you should use the above-listed pieces of advice.


We hope that our hacks will help you create a top-notch essay, which will definitely be noticed by the audience. Indeed, if you have a desire to have a good time while writing an essay, you’ll do that. Try to be as creative as possible; we all are different so we all can cover one and the same topic differently. Try to think out of the box!

However, if you still feel that the task is not for you or you simply can’t find a few spare evenings to pore over books, our essay writing service is right here to help you. We have a team of creative writers who can help you make the most out of your essay!