6 Meaningful Facts to Prove Why People Should Go to College

6 Meaningful Facts to Prove Why People Should Go to College

Do you still lack reasons to obtain a college or university degree? From my own experience, I can tell that my diploma from one of the best US universities has made me who I am today. I am earning more than enough per living. I can travel wherever I want, I can support my family and friends, and I can buy most of the things I need. Of course, a degree from college does not necessarily guarantee that you’ll become a millionaire one day. Perhaps, it’s all about luck. However, there are still a plenty of reasons for every teen to go to college. It’s not enough just to attend it – it’s important to graduate.

As compared to your high school, college life is not a piece of cake. However, why do people get Bachelor? Moreover: why do they go on studying for their Master or Ph.D.?

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Several families with children who have gained their degrees have shared their thoughts why to continue with the higher education no matter what the obstacles are. You can get acquainted with them in the article points below

    1. Earn more money

It is not that easy to make good money these days. High school education cannot provide you with the well-paid job as only professionals with corresponding diplomas may possess the needed skills. Besides, college program often involves internships that stand for the solid experience in the chosen field. Financial motivation plays the most important role because all people realize the role of money in this world. You have to make money work for you instead of working on them. Otherwise, you will spend most of your free time working hard to gain a worthy salary.

Before listing the rest of the reasons, let’s take a look at the interesting statistics. It was proved that graduates with a college degree could obtain up to $1,000 per week. High school diploma holders usually cannot make more than $638. Useful information may be retrieved from the website with the recent wages data.

    2. Better life and career opportunities

Attending college is the prior step in building a successful career, experience professional benefits, and learning the scope of new useful information. To put it differently, your time and money spent on college is an investment into a better life in the future. There are too many jobs for college graduates who are planning their professional careers in major occupations and related professions such as:

  • Agriculture
  • Food
  • Natural Resources 
  • Architecture 
  • Construction
  • Arts
  • Audio/Video Technology 
  • Communications. 
  • Education
  • Training
  • Government
  • Public Administration 
  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Information Technology 
  • Manufacturing
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics

 Unlike high school graduates, these people can get better social help. They have less probability of losing their workplaces. Turning back to our statistics used to defend the position that young people should go to college, it should be noticed that there were 9.7 million unemployed high school graduates. Further information may be observed here.

    3. Meet new people

You are likely to make new friends in your college. These students have similar dreams and wish to end up with the prestigious degree one day. So, you will find a common speech really fast. It is always a good experience.

    4. College helps to learn new stuff

The first year is especially overloaded, but you can make it! The reward is a lot of new and very valuable information. While at high school students have to remember information, college teaches them how to apply gained skills. A degree from the higher educational institution is a proof of your expanded knowledge. Studying in college, you can even take part in college letterpress prints or become an author of limited-edition books.

    5. Getting independent from year to year

College life teaches how to become more financially, mentally, and physically independent from parents. It’s a great opportunity to put various masks on and feel the entire responsibility. No more mom or dad-next-door to tell you to study and work hard. It’s only up to you to choose your further jobs now.

    6. Find new connections

It is your chance to make useful connections when studying at college.  Spending time on campus, students constantly communicate with their teammates that could become your potential colleague at work. After graduation, most students keep on communicating through Facebook, Twitter, etc. Your diploma will bring you to the desired jobs one day, but still referrals paly a great role in the final recruiter’s decision.

    7.Healthy Lifestyle

A college education gives you an opportunity for better financial security and, therefore, health conditions. What's more, college students are more likely to maintain healthy habits, exercise, regularly visit a doctor, and less smoke or drink alcohol. After graduation, you also have a chance to work for a company that provides its workers with good health insurance.

    8. Discover  the world

A lot of young people are passionate about traveling around the world, experiencing new cultures and dialects. Studying in college enables students to make their dreams come true. A wide variety of colleges offer foreign language credits and study abroad programs. You can choose a language you like and study it as part of your bachelor’s degree. In addition, you may go to study abroad at your own expense; student loans or scholarships can cover the tuition. Also, you will get a great opportunity to travel during your college years, paying just for studying. 

    9. Job satisfaction

If you dream of the most satisfying job and are constantly thinking of how to get an interesting and well-paid job, you should consider going to college. People with a bachelor’s degree experience more job satisfaction than high school graduates. Most college graduates are happy with:

  • their positions
  • the work environment
  • competitive salary 
  • social benefits
  • team members. 
  • Such working conditions promote you to plan your career options and realize your prospects for the future.

In fact, there are too many reasons for students to join college and get a degree no matter what it might cost them. College life is the best guide with lots of useful tips for a better adult life. If you still have to work on your personal statement or cover letter, you may easily and quickly contact our writing service for students. Our experts will help you save your time and solve your problem ASAP. Don’t miss your chance to get enrolled in an elite college or university!