All You Need to Know About Leadership Essay - A Comprehensive Writing Guide

All You Need to Know About Leadership Essay - A Comprehensive Writing Guide
Table of Contents
  1. All You Need to Know About Leadership Essay - A Comprehensive Writing Guide
  2. Leadership essay: A decent topic to choose
  3. Put the question, find the answer
  4. Elaborate outline
  5. Start with a hook
  6. Introduce the concept of leadership
  7. The body
  8. The conclusion
  9. How to write a 500 word leadership essay
  10. Tips on writing brilliant papers
  11. Leadership Essay Example

Creating a leadership essay is not a daunting task. The key point to achieve excellent result is to choose a leader who you believe in and describe the significant traits that help him or her to change people’s minds. You have to demonstrate good knowledge of the topic, provide extensive research, collect all information you can find in open sources about the chosen individuals. This way, you’ll reveal the ability to explore and prove your statement with quality evidence.

Leadership essay: A decent topic to choose

A leadership essay is a paper on a specific subject in which writers describe their vision of leadership. Their leadership vision with the mentioned leadership qualities should inspire, respect, and motivate readers. The content of this paper can be dedicated to  writing the biography of a successful leader, everything about the famous leader's qualities, or general information about the capability of leading.
What are the qualities of excellent leadership essays? Take your time. Choose the story wisely. You can take a president making him a person of the story. How did he manage to get this position, lead his team? Who is real political leadership? It is possible to present different styles of leadership and give your opinion on how each one works. Describe leadership in business, political or criminal world. It might be interesting to compare the democratic and authoritarian leadership style. The easiest way to write about celebrity or leader in society is to describe the biography and reflect how the person achieved the highest position.

Be creative to elaborate your own leadership essay that distinguishes you from other students. Who knows, maybe topic on why real leaders prefer to stay in shadow or why people vote for not eligible candidates will respond to your readers' feelings. Compare leadership of Trump and Obama, for instance. Write about “big fish” that runs his own reputable company.

Put the question, find the answer

What is leadership? Can you define it by your own words? Reflect on the traits that exemplify leadership character. What gives him (her) the power to influence, persuade, and motivate others to achieve specific goals? Answering these questions, you get the comprehension of the entire topic. For conducting in-depth research, use the local and electronic library. It is crucial to present to the readers reputable sources your work is based on.

What qualities are necessary for leadership?

  1. Effective management
  2. Intelligence
  3. Ability to lead the group, influence, and inspire people
  4. Self-confidence
  5. Integrity
  6. Judgment-free mind

Elaborate outline

An excellent academic piece needs a good plan. Put your thoughts and suggestions strictly in order with smooth transitions that unite different parts into the entire piece. Coherently present the line of thinking, according to the outline. Create a list of crucial statements to process working on your masterpiece. Here, you can find a basic outline to get the idea of how the structure of the leadership essay should look like.

1. Introduction (make the reader aware of the topic)

  • Hook (inflame the interest in the work)
  • Thesis Statement
2. Body  (express detailed thoughts and suggestions)
  • Detail
  • Detail two
  • Closing

3. Conclusion (summarize all the ideas presented in the body section)

Start with a hook

Like other academic assignments, leadership essay begins with an introduction. It is similar to a summary where you acquaint the reader with your topic and basic findings. However, don't show your hands in the first paragraph. Be wise. Describe the reader what you are aiming at the writing piece. Tell why the chosen topic is essential. Use grab-attention hooks to inflame his interest to your work. You have to address what is to be covered in the writing piece. Consider utilizing personal leader experiences. You may tell about how you found yourself in a position that demands to reveal your leadership skills. Personal experience is always exciting to read.  It easily induces the reader to continue reading with a positive attitude. Among the most popular strategies for writing a powerful essay hook in the essay on leadership there are the following:

  • Share a definition or some fact, for example: "Paramountcy refers to a supreme power or authority."
  • Ask an interesting question, for example: "What can you do to motivate a team?"
  • Use impressive statistical data, for example: "Over 10,000 baby boomers retire every day."
  • Tell some personal story, for example: "I got off the train and pulled my luggage behind me.  A cab pulled up to the curb, and the driver got out.  He lifted my luggage and said, “Miss, I’m just going to put your stuff in the boot.”  I didn’t know what he meant until I saw him open the car’s trunk.  Then I realized the boot means car trunk.  I got in the cab, wondering how many other words would be different in England. "
  • Review an anecdote, for example: "Management isn’t some skill like drawing where you can just practice in isolation for hours and hours on end. You need to have the opportunity to be stretched in certain situations in order to learn and grow."
  • Use a misconception, for example: "Leaders are bosses or managers"
  • A quote from a famous person may help to grab attention "Don't find the fault, find the remedy."
  • Use literary quotes, for example: “A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way, and show the way.”

Introduce the concept of leadership

acronym leadership

Management controls and sometimes even directs people and resources according to the established principles throughout the study. Explain your understanding; make your own interpretation of the subject. Be original. It would be useful to reflect on those questions:

  • Do you think good communication skills are necessary for a leader?
  • What do you think about ambitious and risk-taking abilities? Are they essential for a top-manager?
  • Does hierarchy give more opportunities for a leader in his management experience?

Creating your article, use the pointers. In this way, you’ll answer what really makes a leader.

The body

It is the central part of the work where you express all thoughts and suggestions in detail. Try to jot down 3-4 different paragraphs, bringing fresh ideas to each section. Don't forget to unite them with one global design. Use each sentence to prove your thesis statement. Make your body flow smoothly, with a set of consequence thoughts. Be sure your work is comprehensible. Arrange the information you’ve collected during your research to reveal your broad view and profound knowledge of the issue. To better understand how to write the body section, here are gathered points that students should involve in the main body sections and things that should be avoided.  

  1. a clear, logical response to the question
  2. points that are dealt with thesis
  3. one main idea or argument per paragraph
  4. evidence that includes quotations, arguments, data, facts, statistics, and research

  1. ideas that do not have evidence
  2. weak phrases
  3. weak evidence
  4. non-credible sources

The conclusion

It is your last chance to impress the audience with your essay. Pay attention to the conclusion. It must be strong leaving the reader with an excellent aftertaste after reading the entire piece. In this paragraph, you summarize all the ideas you have presented in the body. Mostly, the conclusion ties up your article through a brief summary, reinforcing the thesis statement. It is crucial to not put new ideas in the last part of the writing piece. It inflames further questions among your audience and leaves your tutor not satisfied with academic paper. A weak conclusion can lead to failing your writing piece. Therefore, have a look at the table that covers everything that should be involved and avoided in the conclusion paragraph.

  1. Summarized points mentioned in the main body
  2. Restated thesis
  3. The importance of your leadership vision
  4. The subject matter
  1. New information
  2. Citations
  3. Repeating your thesis word by word
  4. Mentioning minor points

How to write a 500 word leadership essay

If you got the assignment to write a 500-word paper about a particular topic in leadership, do not panic and read the following paragraphs to get acquainted with the proper writing process. Keep in mind that an effective and powerful leadership essay is not just a piece of writing about the favorite leader. It is a more layered and complicated paper that requires to involve clear arguments and strong examples. To get the highest grade, you should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the particular leadership concept in an interesting manner. 

To involve all the necessary information in such a short essay, you need to write in a concise manner. In a 500 word leadership essay, students should follow a basic three to five-paragraph structure. Papers of such length usually consist of an introduction, 1-3 main body paragraphs, and a conclusion. To understand what  should be included and what  you need to avoid writing one single-spaced leadership essay, have a look at the most useful points listed below:

  1. the 500 word count does not involve the title page, header section, footer section, and the reference page
  2. the hook should be the very first statement in the essay
  3. each part should discuss a single idea that will support the thesis statement
  4. keep your introduction up to 10% of the whole length
  5. the main body should be  80% of the whole paper length
  6. the conclusion should take 10% of the whole paper
  7. each paragraph should have at least four sentences
  8. cite everything used from the other sources
  9. avoid citations in the introduction
  10. avoid new information in conclusion. 

Tips on writing brilliant papers

  • Think out of the box. Look for an extraordinary topic. Surprise your audience. Maybe, you’ll tell the stories of Sharks from the popular TV-show? Explore their life and business. Find out how they achieve success and explain your point of view.
  • Re-read your paper before the submission. Have 1-2 days ahead to check your masterpiece with a fresh eye.
  • Use the active voice. It makes your own voice stronger. It is essential in leadership essay to make your first-class college essay.
  • Learn the lessons. Read examples of well-written academic papers about leadership. It’s a great help.
  • Follow the required format and style. Check you respond to all academic requirements.
  • Proofread. Be sure your paper is flawless. You’ll easily find online checkers that help you to improve spelling and eliminate errors.
  • Get feedback. Ask your peers to read the work and share their opinion.
  • Be concrete and concise. Avoid using clichés.

Leadership Essay Example

To get the idea of how the great leadership essay should look like, and how difficult it is to deal with such an assignment, here is an example of such essay type:
Example: “HOSA and Public Speaking Leadership Essay”

I remember hesitating outside the health science classroom before my first HOSA meeting freshman year. I felt unsure if my time and efforts would be worth committing myself to such a large club. I took a breath and entered.

Before my freshman year, public speaking terrified me. Confronting my fears rather than avoiding them, I registered for HOSA’s “Researched Persuasive Writing and Speaking” competition. I felt foolish, competing in an event that showcases my weakest skills. Months before the first round of competition, I began drafting my speech. I practiced for weeks, refining my text, recording my voice, and presenting to the bathroom mirror.

I timidly arrived at the competition, and some senior competitors exacerbated my already stretched nerves by picking on me. When my turn came, I executed my speech exactly as I had dozens of times alone. I felt comfortable with my performance; finishing without embarrassing myself was good enough for me. I listened passively to the award ceremony, and felt shocked when they announced “Second place, Ram Visha!”

I ambled up to the stage, my heart trying to escape from my chest, in a mixed state of wonder and pride in my accomplishment. Aside from my newfound interest in public speaking, I have learned that if you put yourself out there and give your best efforts, trusting in the process will help you grow.

To me, leadership means the courage to overcome your fears, learn from failure, and inspire others to do the same. Serving as an Officer for my school’s HOSA Chapter, National Honor Society Chapter, and Band, I do everything I can to ensure the success of the organization I lead and its members. I will continue these positive habits as I transition to a leader on UT’s campus.

Leadership defined as a set of qualities that make a person exhorts peers to follow the ideas and change the world. Find your way to describe what trait is a must-have for a person “in charge.” It is key to a top-notch essay. By all means, your paper about leadership should respond to the same standards as any other academic paper. Be creative in choosing your topic as it is important leadership trait! Have perfect grades! Meet any hardships during your graduation?  Turn to essay writing support team for comprehensive assistance!.