Why is introduction worth close attention and how to write it better?

Why is introduction worth close attention and how to write it better?

Composing an essay is not a simple process. It requires specialized knowledge and skills. Each component means a lot for the overall result. In this article, we want to highlight the great value of introduction and focus your attention on how this part can improve your writing. Moreover, we will present some effective strategies and useful tips that can make the writing process easy and smooth.

Importance the introduction

When students start to write the essay they usually are familiar with the topic and have a notion of what they want to highlight in their writing piece. Therefore, the body part doesn’t cause a huge difficulty. An introduction is another matter. To write the first sentence usually is a challenge. You should understand the significance of the first impression and try hard to impress a teacher and other readers. Here are some objective reasons that show why you need to pay close attention to the introduction.

  • First impression. These few sentences can tell a lot about the author. The professor can value your writing style and ability to express your thoughts. Fundamental mistakes or tiring long sentences that don’t have any value for a reader can cause a low rate of the whole essay. Read more about common errors and proper ways to correct them in this article.
  • Map for the essay. According to standard academic rules, the introduction must include the main idea, the significance of your essay and major thesis that you plan to explain in the body part.
  • Inciting role. You have to motivate your readers to continue reading your essay. There are specific expressions and techniques that help to achieve this goal. You may read qualified essay examples with proper introductions and even buy perfect essay here.
We offer you decent methods that can help to improve any introduction and raise the overall value of your essay.

The purpose of the introduction

An introductory paragraph is the first part of an essay a reader sees. The first impression is important. Thus, the purpose of the introduction is to catch the reader's attention and to spark their interest in the topic. For this reason, it is recommended to start an essay with a hook. It should also introduce the topic to be discussed, provide some background information, and present the author's viewpoint. The introductory paragraph usually ends with a thesis statement. A thesis statement is the main idea of your paper.

Key elements of the introductory paragraph

There are several elements that make up an introduction:
  1. Start with a hook (quote, fact, statistics, joke)
  2. Introduce the topic
  3. Provide background information on the issue discussed
  4. Express your position regarding the topic
  5. End with a strong an debatable thesis statement

Excite readers from the first sentences. Start with a hook

Start your essay with a catchy sentence that will attract reader's attention. Despite the fact that your teacher has to read the writing piece whether or not, other people may stop reading if they are not interested to find out what is the next step.

  • Ask provocative questions. This technique allows you to ask the most important question of your essay. It will motivate everyone to find out what is the answer and continue reading. But don’t ask too general and routine questions. Try to mention the major thesis of your essay that reflects the particular subject of your research.
  • Mention a real-life experience. It is a good way to grab the attention of your readers. Write a relevant joke or recent exciting news. It will show the actuality of your work and provoke interest from the first sentences. But remember that you must keep to the formal and serious writing style and don’t be too personal.
  • Write down relevant quotations. You may use citations of famous and recognizable persons. It will add value to your arguments and will prove that you’ve made in-depth research on the theme. Learn more about the ways of improving your essay in this article about brilliant essays.
  • Start with a joke or anecdote. A funny and relevant joke can also make a good beginning. But make sure that it is relevant and devoid of any offensive connotations.

Show the roadmap of your writing piece

An introduction is a good way to explain the structure of your essay. Don’t repeat each paragraph of your writing piece but mention the major arguments and ideas you are going to explain. It will help readers to create the vision of your writing paper and realize that it will be interesting and useful for them. Do not write it after the whole essay as many students do. The comprehensive introduction helps to summarize your thoughts and detect the important points of your work.

Hold the attention of your audience

An essay can provoke readers to change their opinion about certain subjects and assure them in taking action for a particular reason. However, you should explain the aim you want to achieve in your paper. Why did you make all these studies? Why does your essay mean something for other people? Why is it worth of their attention? Consider that your audience has specific interests and try to forward them in your essay. It is evident that professors know a lot about any school subject. You should find something new and engaging to get the highest rate. For example, mention the latest experiment that will be described in the body part of the essay. Find more information about qualified academic writers, study the ways they handle their writing pieces, and buy perfect essay here.

Thesis statement

A thesis statement is an important part of any essay. It is a sentence that expresses the main idea of the whole essay. All the idea through the whole paper should resonate with thesis statement, and it should also be restated in the conclusion part. The thesis statement also serves as a road map to your essay and expresses your positions regarding the topic.

A good thesis statement 

  • clear
  • specific 
  • concise
  • debatable
  • expresses the author's opinion on the issue
  • placed in the end of the introductory part

Weak thesis statement

  • is a piece of general knowledge or fact
  • long
  • vague
  • a quote
  • ambiguous

Editing process

It is a typical situation when you change your thoughts about some things during a writing process. You may replace some arguments in the body part but forget about the introduction. It is crucial to re-read your work after a while and add new arguments there. Avoid meaningless phrases in the introduction. Try to be more pacific and concrete. General conclusions are tiring and don’t attract your audience. No one wants to read about what he already knows. Explain your thoughts briefly and clearly. A too long introduction can cause the loss of readers’ attention. From the first sight, it seems that writing an introduction is too hard and requires significant efforts. The truth is that if you are really excited about your subject if you really want to share your knowledge and conclusions with others if you’ve discovered exciting and new facts about the well-known topic, it won’t be a problem to create a proper introduction. Now you understand that introduction means a lot for the final result of your work and will write it carefully and seriously. Give yourself some time to analyze all your thoughts and ideas. After this, you will be able to reveal your primary aim and create a proper explanation for your audience. Read as many professional and top-notch essays as possible to create a clear vision of an excellent introduction. We hope our tips will simplify this process for you and will be worthwhile for your education.

Introduction is an easy part, but at the same time, it is very important. Follow the above recommendation, and you will definitely create an effective introductory paragraph. In case you are not sure about writing it by yourself and need writing help or advice, you can hire a professional writer. We have a team of experienced writers with expertise in different areas, they will write a catchy introduction for your essay that your professor will definitely evaluate with a high grade.