How to Be Aware of Controversial Topics and Get High Grades

How to Be Aware of Controversial Topics and Get High Grades

Students write a tremendous variety of essays. Each essay is specific in its manner. Some of them can be easily written, while others may be quite confronting.

Writing on controversial topics is challenging for most people due to its peculiarity. To write it well, you can’t only share your point of view since it’s required to show two opposite opinions.

To cover a particular topic, you’re supposed to find relevant data to prove that both arguments are correct. Otherwise, it’s neither argumentation nor proof but your attitude. To make it simple, compare this writing to debates when there are two different points.

Choosing a controversial topic could be confusing. That’s why choose it discreetly as you will have to provide proofs. 

This blog post will help you. It dwells on the significant aspects of choosing relevant topics and teaches how to write on controversial ones.

Some intriguing, controversial points to write

controversial topics to write

To write an excellent controversial paper, you should choose a proper topic. Establish a strong belief in the issues you want to disclose. Be enthusiastic and passionate about it. Be impartial and express your thoughts without too personal arguments. Likewise, give heed to the subject.

What are some controversial topics?

Take a look at the list of some relevant ones:

  1. Should the death penalty exist?
  2. Is it correct to make one official language in a multicultural country?
  3. How to achieve gender equality?
  4. Legalization of marijuana: pros and cons.
  5. Why parents should always support their children.
  6. Methods to prevent violence at the campus.
  7. How to fight corruption in the government. 
  8. Arguments for and against vaccination.

These are only a few topics. You can use some of them to generate your controversial topic. 

Tips to help you write on controversial topics

Once you choose a topic, pay much attention to what you write and how you do it. Here are several essential tips on how to write about controversial topics:

  1. Focus on the issue. Make sure your controversial issue is relevant for the potential audience. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes. What would you like to see in the controversial essay? 
  2. Find relevant data to emphasize, argument, and prove your judgments. For example, if you write about the advantages of technological progress, mention the disadvantages as well.
  3. Avoid subjectivism, find possible criticism of your viewpoint.  
  4. Get someone to criticize your essay. Critics help you develop. 
  5. The introduction part must be catchy. Grab the reader’s attention. A rhetoric question or an exciting story is a good start. Mention a few facts to prepare your readers for the central claims. Your thesis statement should clarify the primary purpose of the research. For instance, “regardless of some disadvantages of technology, it plays a huge role in our lives, and it is vital”.
  6. Main body. To reveal the situation clearly, discuss the pros and cons of technology in our lives. Use effective and concrete examples. 
  7. Avoid ambiguous phrases. Remember that your readers may instantly check the data you provide. If you claim that technology is 100% useful and perfect, it’s a pure lie. 
  8. Conclusion. State the results of the research impartially. After all, share your point of view. Operate with confirmed facts and prove it reasonably.
  9. Be bold and honest. Once you have chosen a topic, there is no need to apologize for this or that argument. Transmit your messages clearly to avoid misinterpretation.

In the end, polish the essay. Give heed to grammar and stylistics. Don’t forget about the uniqueness of your paper. Avoid plagiarism and cite all the sources in strict accordance with the assigned writing format. To verify grammar and stylistic mistakes, use such applications like Grammarly or Hemingway Editor or simply turn to professionals who will help you in no time.