What Is a Comparative Essay: Everything You Need To Know

What Is a Comparative Essay: Everything You Need To Know

In the past years, comparative essays have become a big element of the educational systems all around the world. They are already evolving into the new genres, yet keeping their main quality – comparison of multiple items. It is a historical fact due to which the comparative essays might be the oldest out there.

There are even some theories that most of the genres come from this one. It is clear, there are some people who still have no idea how to write a paper where you have to work on the differences in the list of things.

However, they have a reason to state so – there is not enough information on how to write the comparing texts. Therefore, an essay is going to include some basics on the comparative essays. The definition of a comparative essay is simple. It is a work where you have to describe and compare multiple items. They can be anything you want unless it is something not to be described. Yet, in reality, to get a good essay you will have to put in a lot of time. To make the assignment easier, you will get some basic information on the structure of such texts from our writing experts.

Structure of an Essay

Next paragraph should be relatively easy to understand for those who have been writing any texts before. The structure is sometimes even more important than what you write. Therefore, give it some time to understand the material better than all of the others. Yet, it is not hard in your case. All you have to do is just identify where each section has to go.

The structure of a comparative essay consists of these elements:

  1. Introduction
  2. Thesis statement
  3. The body of the essay:
  4. Conclusion

It might seem like the main part is much more difficult than the others. However, in reality, there is nothing difficult you are asked to do in the body of an essay, but it will be covered later. Other than that, it seems like a normal genre. Yet, there are some unique small points about each of these pieces of the essay.


  • Information on the first item
  • Information on the rest of the items
  • Showing the pros and cons of each of them
  • Showing the similarities and differences between the items


Introduction of an essay might seem like the easiest. However, in a comparative essay, you have to give an intro to each topic you are writing on. Sure, it is not going to take tens of paragraphs in order to do it. Still, make sure you are giving it enough time, as you will have to write bigger than the common amount of words.

The other thing about writing on a comparative theme is the fact it literally contains the following part of the essay. The thesis is usually considered to be pretty much the introduction itself, but in your situation, it is different. Therefore, we are looking at a situation where two important parts of the text are co-working. For the reader, this usually looks nice, but as for a writer it just brings more misunderstanding and much more work to be done.

Thesis Statement

Some people argue this is the most important part. And there are tons of reasons to say so for anybody. The way you write a thesis shows how well you understand the subject of your work. Therefore, paying the most attention possible to the thesis statement is not required, but highly recommended.

Usually, a thesis statement is a segment of your paper which tries to set a goal for analysis. It means you are writing some sentences which would make people ask a question on the text. As we all know, the questions and willing to get an answer is something very crucial to keep the reader in. Yet, remember — after your thesis you will have to give some explanation.

Due to the fact that the thesis is limited to the number of words, make sure you are letting the reader know what you mean here and there. Sure, it is a part of the introduction paragraph. Yet, the thesis and introduction are a single big part of your essay. Therefore, it is almost impossible to choose one of them and address it without mentioning the other one.

Main Body

The main body is where you are going to give the reader everything they need to know about the subjects of the paper. If you follow the bullet points listed below it will be extremely easy to write all of the body paragraphs. Of course, you will have to write more text than it is written there, but it should still be easy to do. Make sure to discuss the topics of the essay. Surely, writing the main body might be difficult to do in the beginning, but you can always go online and find an outline for the comparative essays.

Afterward, just take that as your basis and apply it to your own paper. Simply do some analysis of every point you have and later try to find how it is better or worse than another item. Seems like a lot of work, but actually the only thing you have to avoid is the small amount of the raw information you have.

As Samuel Richardson once said, “All human excellence is but comparative. There may be persons who excel us, as much as we fancy, we excel the meanest”. Similar here, there cannot be a perfect item, but you will have to find one out of the ones you have in the paper. If you feel like you are still behind and cannot cope with the writing, make sure to visit some events online which help the young authors.


If you have been working hard enough on the body, and you have a point about how it works, it should be simple to do. All you need for it is a list of pros and cons of each of the objects. It will allow you to compare and contrast the things you have to talk about. To develop a nice conclusion, make sure to spend some time on the analysis and writing down every similarity, as in many cases the objects are on the same level. The only thing that might matter in this place is the number of small things that make it worse than the others. Generally, the conclusion should not take too much space, time and everything related to work. Yet, it needs to be on a high level as it is an important section of your essay, so keep your focus.

After reading this article you should be ready to write your perfect comparative essay. We are sure you can easily do that. No time? Buy comparative paper online from the experts! There is no need to worry because you are one of them now too!