College Girls Challenges

College Girls Challenges

There are lots of problems college girls of different ages experienced. It can be drinking or studying with short deadlines. Those situations help you to build experience and become an adult, but it is always better to learn from someone else’s experience than from your own mistakes.

Girls all over the world face lots of various challenges during the whole life and studying in college or university is a trap with multiple situations.

Of course, guys have their own problems but their challenges are just different. It is a real life that is sometimes too hard for a young girl who yesterday was just a teenager. But our life is a struggle and it begins in college for real. Our experts have collected few of the most typical challenges girls face during study.

Guide for College Girls

Check out few main things college girls face with during studying:

Wardrobe Issues

There are lots of challenges related to college outfits for girls. First of all, those outfits are usually out of fashion and too old by design. College girls do not feel themselves comfortable in those clothes and absolutely unattractive. And it is a great deal for most of the college girls to stay attractive in different situations.

There are lots of situations when young students and not just women just do not know what to wear to parties and other non-studying events. Almost all of us know well what it is like to fail with the outfit and feel uncomfortable. But it is a discussable question who is better in fashion girls or boys. Anyway, it is a whole challenge to get a proper clothes to wear to all those important events.

Of course, jeans are very universal and can be easily used for various situations, but how hard it can be for a woman to get a proper pair of jeans! The size, the shape, the color. There are too many factors that effect on our choice. And how bad it is when your favorite paid are too old to wear or what is even worse too tight to put on! A real horror and despair.

And what about full bodysuits? It is a real challenge for women to go to the bathroom in this. They should almost completely take it off to pee! And what about all those scary dirty bathrooms where it is hard even for a man. Well, it is hard sometimes just too hard, you know.


Another challenging factor for college girls is too obvious. Boys. Men. Love and attraction, no matter how do you call it. College boys are a little bit different from those you knew in school. They are older and more experienced. They are even more different from you girls and sometimes seem like completely from another planet. Remember that Venus Mars thing? Yeah, this is true.

All those meetings in college campus or classroom with your crush can drain you a lot and inspire at the same time. What should you say to him? At least you are trying to act as usual and normal but something always goes wrong and you fail. You think that your feelings are obvious to everyone even if it is not true. And what is really bad when your crush is too idealized by you and is completely a different person than he seems.

And it is so hard to be single in case all your friends are already dating someone. Dating in college is fun with no doubt. But it should be a real luck to find someone who likes you as much as you do. And what is next? What will you do after studying ends? Will you be together still after college? Oh, there are too many questions. Hard questions and sometimes even scary ones.


But the main reason you got to college is studying. Education is and should be the main thing for you while you are there. Boys and all those teenage problems are great and important without a doubt, but studying is the main thing.

Did you know it is going to be that hard? Did someone tell you about that? Of course yes, but you didn’t believe them. Your parents told you that it is a completely another level comparing to those school days. School was not fun at all. That is true. But it was easier to study for sure. Now your schedule is full of tasks you are not familiar with and bets are too high to let it all down.

You need to deal with all those exams and essays that should be delivered on time. New formats and tons of homework just drive you crazy. It is so easy to get tired and call it quits. But it is important to remember why are you here and what you will get after studying. Diploma is an important thing in our world so keep up and do not lose yourself in sea of despair. At least too soon. Chin up girl!


Parents are always the same. They worry and we lie. It is an ancient scheme that works forever. You do not want to make them sad and disappointed. You are special to them and your troubles seem absolutely enormous to them Even if it is a small fail or a tiny problem you are going to solve soon, you need to calm them down and waste your time and energy.

Sometimes there is just no use of telling them what you really feel and explain that everything is fine. Your personal life also should be your thing with no influence of your parents. The boy you are dating, all the partying and drinking, all those things are not for their ears and eyes. At least now. Remember that your mom and dad were students too and maybe they did even crazier things than you do now, but for them you will always be their little girl they don’t want to see sad.

Bottom Line

Well, these are jew few main challenges college girls face in college. We cannot help with all of them but when it comes to college studying and writing papers we are the best. Just fill in the order form and your essay will be done perfectly and delivered on time.

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