American Dream Essay: Secrets of Successful Writing

American Dream Essay: Secrets of Successful Writing
Table of Contents
  1. American Dream Essay: Secrets of Successful Writing
  2. What Is the American Dream Essay and How to Write It?
  3. The American Dream Essay Outline
  4. Hook for American Dream Essay
  5. The American Dream Essay Conclusion
  6. 10 Great American Dream Essay Topics
  7. Useful Tips Writing the American Dream Essay
  8. American Dream Essay Examples
  9. The Great Gatsby American Dream Essay
  10. Does the American Dream Still Exist Today Essay

If you are required to make the American dream essay, it's important to understand the goal of this paper. This term can be introduced in various perspectives. You can write about the free and happy nation that is proud to live in a great country. Or you may choose another view and tell the readers a story that the American dream is just a bright miracle of money and power to many people.

As you can see, there are many options to choose in this writing. The most important thing here is to choose a good topic for your work. Go ahead and read more useful tips on making a successful essay about American dream.

What Is the American Dream Essay and How to Write It?

If you are required to make the American dream essay, it's important to define this term to understand it. This phrase could be considered better life with a lot of money and wellness, and it means a life of freedom, respect, and good relationship with other people.

You can get a lot of various ideas how to write the American dream paper. Remember you need to choose a narrow subject to make your American dream essay writing logical and solid. It's important to professional paper.

We have gathered some useful tips about writing the American dream essay:

  1. In your what is the American dream essay, define what the term means to you, and select a good topic for your future paper. Read our blog on how to come up with a title for an essay.
  2. Conduct research and find some information about your topic in reliable sources to use in the American dream paper.
  3. Write a detailed plan (outline) of your American dream essay. Some people skip this step because they think it's useless. A good outline is a skeleton of your future paper, so you would be able to create a logical and solid work without losing something important.
  4. Create the American dream paper according to the plan you made before. Make sure you connected separated paragraphs with additional sentences to make your work logical.
  5. Revise your American dream essay to correct all mistakes. You should revise and rewrite your work several times, improving it till you feel it looks perfect.
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The American Dream Essay Outline

After you have defined the goal of your future paper, it's time to think about the American dream essay outline. Your essay should have the three main parts: the introduction, the body part, and the conclusion. It's quite important to follow the structure; this will help you to be logical, and your readers will understand your work better.

A good outline is a guide map in writing: thanks to the plan, you will never forget or miss any important information. We suggest planning your time beforehand and creating the outline before you start working on your American dream paper.

Hook for American Dream Essay

Keep in mind that every reader will make their decision to read the entire American dream paper after reading the introduction. Your main task in this paragraph is to grab your audience’s attention and make people interested in reading the entire American dream paper.

Tips on making a successful hook for American dream essay:

  • Start your work with a question
  • Provide readers with statistics data
  • Put a quote by a famous person
  • Include an anecdote if it's acceptable.

The American Dream Essay Conclusion

This is the final part of your American dream paper. Here you have to summarize everything you said before very shortly. The American dream essay conclusion wraps the paper up and leaves your readers with something to discuss.

Tips on making a successful conclusion in the American dream paper.

  • Never bring any new information in the conclusion of the American dream writing
  • Make sure you have restated the main idea of your work here
  • Keep this part short and concise.

10 Great American Dream Essay Topics

We know it's not always easy to select a successful subject. Look through our list of 10 American dream essay topics and get your own ideas on writing!

  1. What is the American dream to immigrants?
  2. How is the American dream introduced in movies?
  3. Examples of the American dream in literature
  4. American dream: false or true?
  5. Is the American dream is only about money and wealth?
  6. Why is the American dream destroyed for many people?
  7. Does the American dream still exist today essay
  8. What is the main idea of the American dream?
  9. How is the American dream defined in songs?
  10. Is the American dream achievable essay

Useful Tips Writing the American Dream Essay

Are you still questioning yourself how to write an essay about the American dream? We have prepared more writing tips that will help you to create a great work!

  • Make sure you had chosen a bright idea for the American dream paper. Your readers won't be interested in a paper that doesn't bring them something new
  • Remember that the introduction has to turn the reader's attention. We suggest writing this part when you already have created the entire American dream paper
  • Try to find and read American dream essay examples. This may give you new ideas for your own work.
  • Before correcting errors, put your American dream paper away for a day; this will help you to distract yourself from the writing process and revise your paper with “fresh” eyes.

American Dream Essay Examples

Needless to say, making a successful American dream essay is hard work that requires a lot of time, skills, and patience. Here we want to share a couple of examples of American dream writing that may be helpful. Keep in mind that is you feel stuck with your American dream essay, it's always possible to order your paper online.

The Great Gatsby American Dream Essay

F. Scott Fitzgerald in his novel The Great Gatsby shows us the American dream from different perspectives. We meet Jay Gatsby here. He is a man who follows his dream too hard and is unable to understand his life of riches is false. In the novel, the author shows to us how the man’s crazy desire for power and wealth destroys himself.

Jay truly believes that his money makes him unique, great, and wonderful. He thinks that an empty life with a lot of money is the greatest happiness he can get from this life. The man believes he could get anything he wants with his money. He even tries to fix his failures from the past with it. He tries to “buy” the love of young and pretty girl Daisy who is obsessed with wealth and power.

Gatsby attempts to get anything to satisfy his desires, but he can't find happiness in his money, and he loses the purpose of his life. This is true - if a human can't reach happiness, the whole life seems boring and empty. So, Jay Gatsby's fate eventually was destroyed by all money and power he always wished for.

Does the American Dream Still Exist Today Essay

America always impressed me with its bright life, nature and smiling people I saw in magazines. When I was a teenager, I always dreamed to study there, but these plans were just dreams. Anyway, now I am sitting near the window and looking at the beautiful sunset in New York. Yes, after all, I came to this country, and I am proud of myself. America is a country I always believed in, it's a special place where I always wanted to live and work.

Unfortunately, for some personal reasons for my family, I couldn't come here to study, and needless to say that I was disappointed. But I kept studying the language, I kept dreaming, and I knew that I will come here eventually. My dream came true! I married a man whose work is connected to this country, and last year they have sent him an invitation to work in the USA.

I can't say it was easy to leave my native town, friends, family, but I believed in a bright future here. Now I am living in America, and I will not stop believing in this great country. Since I came here, I met a lot of wonderful people here, I made a lot of new friends, found a new interesting job, we bought our own flat.

America gives many great opportunities to both citizens and people who come here to work. I already took many opportunities being an immigrant, and I was very impressed how the country cares about all the people that live here. I am in doubt I could get even a half of this being in my own country.

Being here, I know what the next day will bring, and I am sure this country will give me everything I need. At the current time, we are expecting a baby, and soon a new American citizen will appear in this world. I hope that he or she will believe in this beautiful and powerful country too.

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