5 Most Preferred High Schools in the United States

5 Most Preferred High Schools in the United States

After watching all those creepy movies about American high schools and students, one may think that education plays no role in the life of modern American teens.

As reported by The U.S. News, 21,000 public high schools were observed in order to determine the most preferred institutions for the youngest population. While top college list is known to everyone, students and parents still wonder which of the high schools would be the best and most rational choice for those who are interested in obtaining higher education.

The most crucial factors considered by our team while evaluating the efficiency of each high school are:

On the whole, we have reserved some high schools from all 50 states and the District of Columbia to be included in our ranking.

These high schools were rewarded one of three medals:

  1. Gold
  2. Silver
  3. Bronze

Right, not only graduates receive medals. Each school has to watch after their reputation as well. In short, the institutions discussed below are appreciated for their level of preparation and performance on the state assessment.

Criteria for Evaluating

Average writing, reading, and math scores of the students are considered. Proficiency tests were taken into account as well. It’s not only a college prerogative. If you want to get ready for your writing challenge, hire expert writers to help you with the complicated assignments.

This section involves rating math and reading proficiency rates for disadvantaged students. In other words, how good are students of other nations, races, lower income, and with other defects. With the statewide results for these student groups and then selected school that was performing better than its state averages.

High schools with rates lower than 68 percent were excluded at the very beginning.

High Schools with Top Performance and Academic Readiness


This 206-year old place is a National Historic Landmark with the beautiful landscapes. Unlike in many other high schools, teachers and students communicate directly with each other during the round-table sessions. They discuss the standards and future programs of the schools. They also propose various social activities to each other. The college sticks to the British-style House system. It means that all students live together on campus in a friendly atmosphere. Their roommates replace their families. A great advantage is that teens are taught to live an independent life since early ages.

Student government is a separate entity which has enough might to control different events and competitions.

Other interesting facts:


The main achievement of this place is the so-called Harkness Method. That is what makes this place a private one. The variety of classes included in the curriculum impresses. Not every college is ready to offer such diversity. There are a lot of Asian students studying over there.

These features are included:


Do you wish to study at the same place where Bill Gates and Paul Allen used to? The education level at Lakeside is amazing! The main advantages are self-driven innovative technology and original thinking of both personnel and students. The local environment allows students to act as the teachers on their own. They are encouraged to share experience and skills with each other for effective learning. The other high mission is to supplement accredited coursework. Race and gender mix makes this high school rather democratic.


Instructive excellence is the primary copyright of this high institution. Students can choose a face-to-face preparatory program which involves studying with the teacher one-on-one. Besides, together with the tutor, a student may design an adaptive program which will suit his or her interests. So, it’s pretty much like the college. This freedom of choice is what attracts many local and international children.


The campus of this high school is expanding all the time. Currently, it’s 312-acre wide. Those who wish to work hard to gain financial independence can search for prospective job opportunities thanks to the local program. Talented kids with the GPA of no less than 3.75 are accepted on the board of this high school. Both technical and sports sides are very powerful here. A lot of AP Scholars and National Merit Scholarship finalists graduate from this institution. The board offers financial assistance to 25% of its student body. Textbooks are mostly offered for free as well as special lunch boxes.

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